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Scissor Seven

Scissor Seven cancelled or renewed? Is Scissor Seven TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will Scissor Seven Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? Scissor Seven 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Scissor Seven.


Scissor Seven Status: Season 2

Network: Netflix

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About Scissor Seven TV Show

Scissor Seven on Netflix is a truly hilarious comedy that can have you rolling from side to side. In this Chinese animated comedy series, Seven, the main protagonist is empowered with special powers. With his powerful scissors, he can disguise himself as any creature he desires and with this new identity, he can commit so many crimes. While Seven acts as a mercenary for a little fee, he sets out to commit crimes like murder. Ironically, he never completes the task, but rather, makes a fool of himself.

This anime, unlike others, is strictly hand-drawn. Its first outing was on Chinese TV with the name Killer Seven and its name was later changed to Scissor Seven. Presumably, this was done to make it more attractive to the international audience.

Characters and Episodes in this Series

The characters in this comedy series are Master Thirteen, Ah Jie Pirate, School Kids, Prince of Stan, Dai bo, Da Fei, Chicken Farm Boss, and others. The official language of the series is Chinese and Cantonese and you can watch it on Netflix. Currently, there are 30 episodes of the show. Will there be more? Time will tell.

Seven’s Mission

In the first episode in season 1, titled “Kill Bad People, Earn Good Money”, Seven tracks down a bad guy and then sneaks into the supposed bad guy’s space. He overpowers the bad guy and his guards and proceeds to slash him into bits. What happens next is surprising to the fans, as you can see Seven feeling remorseful about what he has done and telling the corpse that it was nothing personal and he was only a mercenary. You see, this horrible scenario happens in Liuqi (Seven) fantasy because in the real world, he is just a simple guy that serves food to kids.

In subsequent episodes, his career changes after his pal advises him to become a hired killer. This pal gives Liuqi a magic egg that allows him to transform into his desired creature. For his first gig, he takes the form of a dinner pig and he also gets to use a magic weapon. Surprisingly, Liuqi's choice is scissors, not surprisingly, he and his new friend establish a new salon as a front for their other business, which is making corpses.

Is this Series censored on Netflix?

Absolutely not! Fans are allowed to enjoy the show without any restrictions. However, the Chinese version is censored to reduce some of the play’s horror, for instance, the color of blood is black instead of red.

Final Words

This television series no doubt combines some elements of a tragedy and a comedy. Here, bad things are carried out in a hilarious way. Luigi in this series is an irresponsible hitman, who through magical means is supposed to perform a clean task but somehow, he always ends up messing things up.

His mean friend, the “bird guy,” is the real antagonist in the series, as you can always see him wooing new clients and trying to coerce them into giving him and Seven a hit job.

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R says

I'm really hoping for season 4 it could finish off everything the relationship between seven and thirteen, his memory (seven) his future as a killer, what happens after black birds defeat, green phoenix's plan to kill the shadow killers leader and take his place, and what happens to chicken island with the assassins please please please please please give us a season 4 we all need to know

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