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Miss Scarlet and The Duke

Miss Scarlet and The Duke cancelled or renewed? Is Miss Scarlet and The Duke TV show cancelled or renewed 2023 - 2024? Will Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? Miss Scarlet and The Duke 2023 release dates? 2023 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Miss Scarlet and The Duke.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Status: Season 2 Renewed October 16th, 2022

Network: PBS

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About Miss Scarlet and The Duke TV Show

Miss Scarlet and The Duke

Miss Scarlet and The Duke: Season 2 Trailer

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Anne McIntosh says

Please confirm that this fantastic show will continue - there are so many story lines that could cover into season 5,6,7,8 & on

Joanne Winkler says

Desperate to know if Miss Scarlett & the Duke will have a series 3? Such a well written show with great actors & actresses!!

Patricia Hampton says

This is an amazing show with great actors and interesting story lines - the theme tune is hypnotic and many people wanted to know the person behind it! It's a show that, in the the present climate of bringing woke politics into story lines is a refreshing change!! It would be A CRIME to refuse a third series - OK cheesy but please renew my favourite program

Patricia Goss says

Please not yet another really excellent series which there is a huge following MAYBE! Cancelled. What is the problem with the powers ( questionable!) that be who can leave the viewer up in the air without a decent closure when there is so much more to explore in their story. Please let us know who is entirely responsible for this very shortsighted decision. Thank you.

KLEE says

So hope that there will be Season 3+, it´s such a good series.

Evey says

A wonderful actors and episode. Great action, drama and comedy. I can wait see season 3

Maura keen says

I have waited ages for season 2 of Scarlet and the duke, only to feel bemused and fed up with the powers of be thinking of not doing a season 3. It is sad that they allow amazing entertainment to be halted what’s going on ? We have loads of rubbish on the Tv and then we are treated and pulled in to something good and they want to whip it away. Row home ever is in charge follow the views advice this series has a lot to still offer in story lines , I love this program 6 episodes isn’t enough, please keep it going it’s gripping, funny and I’m sure I am not the only one who has fallen for the cast and story lines fingers crossed Ed that our words matter 👍🏻

Patricia Goss says

I really so fully agree with all the comments above. I just reiterate my previous comments but how do we get a response from the powers that be? Will it come through our individual emails or some other way? Please rescue us from all this suspense!!!!!!! Pat Goss

Terri Tallman says

Just finished season 3 and can’t imagine this wonderful show not going into a 4th Season. It’s fun, the writing is excellent, the acting superb. Please keep it going! It’s refreshing tv!!

Charlotte Davies says

Why isn’t the Duke in episodes in series 3 it isn’t any good without him

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