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12 Oz. Mouse

12 Oz. Mouse cancelled or renewed? Is 12 Oz. Mouse TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will 12 Oz. Mouse Season 3 be renewed or cancelled? 12 Oz. Mouse 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 12 Oz. Mouse.


12 Oz. Mouse Status: Season 3 Renewed July 20th, 2020

Network: Adult Swim

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About 12 Oz. Mouse TV Show

The TV Show 12 Oz. Mouse on Adult Swim is a US-based adult animated TV series for Adult Swim, a Cartoon Network's late-night programming block that was developed by Matt Majellaro. The show revolved around Fitz or Mouse Fitzgerald, an alcoholic mouse who does strange jobs so he is able to purchase more beer. Along with his chinchilla friend Skillet, Fitzgerald starts to recover concealed memories that he had a child and a wife in the past that have now gone.  This results in seeking answers on his past life and the indistinct forces that seem to influence his world.

The quarter-hour series presents recurring guest star Aria (Mary Splender), Mouse's army, for the mainstream of the series, she is able to do to bring back the titular character's memory and fight with Wilx and eventually Shyd Industries. Amaranthe, a metal band based in Sweden, also partake in the fray as both producers of opening and closing credits home music and as the Castellica crew, a vital ship that helps bond all the characters into an all-out fight on Shyd.

The action scenes, few they might be, are superb and is the most pretentious sample of Radical Axis work. The issue is that with eleven quarter-hour series, there are a lot of characters to justify, so we do not get a lot of the aforementioned action; on the other hand, David Lynch's space opera scheme is extremely good.

The show is very funny, familiar faces such as Rooster Skillet, Peanut Cop, Businessman/ Shark, Buzby, and a whole lot more are accounted for, with all and sundry being completely bananas. With extraordinary attention to the funny banter between Olof Morck and Elise Ryd as the latest characters.

Expect that the TV Show 12 Oz. Mouse on Adult Swim will provide some specials to go along with the usual season numbers, which Adult Swim has been ordering as of six episodes. How this show will keep on surviving with restrictions on the way will be fascinating to see; however, Matt is at the pinnacle of his game with this one.


The show's animation is basic and simple at best; characters have partial motion and make kids appear like cautiously drawn masterpieces. However, even the best three-dimensional computer graphics would not hide the fact that Fitzgerald is a rebel who complies with no one and that his companions are cruel bullies, a gigantic eyeball with legs as well as a law enforcer who is high on a pot over and over again.

Like many shows at Adult Swim, the TV Show 12 Oz. Mouse ties together a random scene that seems to have stability. What viewers can rely on are scenes that involve guns and binge drinking as well as bitter rants, in short, not precisely kid-friendly things. Parents with kids who are interested in viewing this show must preview an episode prior to allowing them to see it on their own.

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