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12 Oz. Mouse

12 Oz. Mouse cancelled or renewed? Is 12 Oz. Mouse TV show cancelled or renewed 2021 - 2022? Will 12 Oz. Mouse Season 3 be renewed or cancelled? 12 Oz. Mouse 2021 release dates? 2021 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 12 Oz. Mouse.


12 Oz. Mouse Status: Season 3 Renewed July 20th, 2020

Network: Adult Swim

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About 12 Oz. Mouse TV Show

Halloween might be over, but there's always room for more bizarre and morbidly funny animated shows on Adult Swim. The network adds an all-new original series, JJ Villard's Fairy Tales, to its animation slate and renews The Shivering Truth, Lazor Wulf, and the long-awaited return of Mouse Fitzgerald in 12 Oz. Mouse that fans never knew they needed. The new series and seasons will all premiere in 2020. 12 Oz. Mouse first aired on the network in 2005 and returns with season three to follow a new journey for Mouse Fitzgerald and his trusty sidekick, Skillet. The quarter hour series features new cast members joining the original cast along with writer and creator, Matt Maiellaro (Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

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