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The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7 or Cancelled? Acorn TV Renewal Status, Premiere Date 2020

The Brokenwood Mysteries

The Brokenwood Mysteries cancelled or renewed?

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The prospect of cancellation is a very real fear for most, if not all, TV shows. The axe will surely fall eventually, but WHEN? With our team of network sources and insiders, we have the very latest news on whether The Brokenwood Mysteries is cancelled or renewed? Our handy cancel/renew tracker will keep you up to speed on the status of "Prime TV show The Brokenwood Mysteries!

Scales of Cancellation

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7 Cancelled or Renewal Status :

Renewal Status: The Brokenwood Mysteries Renewed for Season 7 by Prime!

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7 Premiere Date :

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7 release date – March 29th, 2021

About The Brokenwood Mysteries TV Show

As winter nears its end, look no further for your cozy murder mystery fix than Acorn TV and the beautiful fictitious town of Brokenwood, New Zealand - population 4,900 and steadily declining, depending on the murder rate that week. Akin to fan favorite Midsomer Murders, The Brokenwood Mysteries is a binge-worthy, charming and addictive detective series perfect for the whole family. Featuring big characters and uniquely Kiwi stories, it's filled with warm camaraderie and deadpan humor against the background of stunning small-town New Zealand. After transferring from a big city to the quiet, little, murder-ridden town of Brokenwood, Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd (Neil Rea, Go Girls) and Detective Kristin Simms (Fern Sutherland, The Almighty Johnsons) uncover more murderous rivalries and lethal grudges with each new series. With six feature-length, standalone mysteries, series seven will see the murder of a TV host, a Farmer's Market owner impaled by a gardening tool, a 1970's theme party gone wrong, and more.

Acorn TV | The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 7

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The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7 Comments

Calvin says

I just recently found this show on Acorn TV and I really like the show and the characters in it. I will say this though, in season 5 they made the show 11/2 hours long instead of 2 hours long. I think that was a good decision cause it cut the dead weight out of the show! Been watching from the United States, if that matters..

Philip Appleyard says

Watched all 6 series in the UK and love it! Very much hope there will be a series 7!

Chris says

Agreed! It’s a wonderful show! Would dearly love a season 7.

Carole Nowell says

So do we. Hope there are future series. Have friends in NZ, but will never get over there. Ideal way to see some of the wonderful country.

martita says

Yes- we all want a series 7! This is by far one of the best mysteries ever!

Alan Mutch says

Agreed from Canada

W. Frost says

Best Show on TV!

Chris Adam Smith says

Agreed, top show!

Jude says

Watched all 6 seasons in the US and LOVE it! Hoping for more!

Wendy says

Love Brokenwood! I really hope they renew. We need more good TV shows to watch here in the US!

JonL says

Love the show!

terry sullivan says

what make is white car?

Tom Wecas says

As an American it is a little hard to recognise Aussy cars but from watching the series, the white car is a 72 Holden, Kingswood with a inline 6 cylinder and a 4 speed on the column.

Sharon says

Love The Brokenwood Mysteries! Looking forward to season 7 all the way from Canada!

Marissa says

Absolutely wonderful series!! The characters are all so quirkie, but believable!! Can't wait to see if there will be a Series 7 and more!!

Elaine says

Absolutely love this - watched all 24 episodes over the past few weeks. Really hope series 7 is renewed - perfect lockdown viewing :))

lindy says

please. lets have season 7, more brokenwood mysteries, great characters...individual stories without preaching, politicizing and moralizing...loyal watcher...

De says

Love to watch! One of my favorite guilty pleasures! Creative and quirky. Already finished season 6, cannot wait for more!! True fan from the US.

eva Collette says

Live in the US and love the show.

Rachel says

Love the Brokenwood series. Please renew for Season 7 and onward. From Canada...

Sheila says

Just love the Brokenwood Mysteries and can't wait for Season 7. Please dont disappoint us! Have fallen in love with all of the characters!!! SS in the US

Shirley says

Live in the US and love Brokenwood Mysteries. Starting over again with series 1. Waiting for Season 7.

Lena Lorenzin says

Love to watch Brokenwood Mysteries hopefully there will be a season 7

Barbara Saulsbury says

Great show! Hoping for a season 7.

Diane L Wilson says

Watched all 6 seasons in US love it! Hopefully it continues. It so hard to find good shows like this.

Iain Cameron says

Love Brokenwood Mysteries. Really hoping season 7 goes ahead.

Marble says

Needs to be a series 7 and 8 and 9.... this is a great show... please renew it!

Danna says

love the show....please make more seasons

Angela says

I'm really hoping for season 7 and beyond. I love it here in Chicago , Illinois

kitty campbell says

As the series have progressed Brokenwood has grown into itself .The characters are eccentric without being ridiculous.The plots different without being absurd . Not to have a seventh season would be akin to madness

Michael Throndset says

We love this series, great stories, great characters, love seeing New Zealand...!!! All the way from the US. PS- We gotta see what happens between Mike and Sims!!!

Pat F says

My wife and I love this show. Let’s go with Season 7.

Gloria S. says

Watched all six seasons in Canada. Looking forward to season 7

Linda K says

Live in USA and love this series. Please renew for season 7 and televise it soon. Already completed the first 6 season. RENEW ~ RENEW ~ RENEW!!!

Leslie says

I agree with Linda k. Renew renew renew

Isabel M. says

Here's hoping you RENEW season 7 of Brokenwood, love from Canada. We, I and my hubby love this show. We love the funny side, the seriousness the compassionate side. With so many procedural police shows available we picked Brokenwood for all the above reasons and more. Love the scenery, Shephard's love of country music, the funny side Gina's' crush or love for Sheppard and of course her fixation with Russian spies, love it all. Please bring it back. The story contents and of course the fact that you take 90 minutes to tell the whole story. Thank you.

Anne Stephens says

Brokenwood Mysteries are Absolutely wonderful. Would dearly love a season 7.

R says

Waiting for season 7 in Arizona, USA. This is a great show!! Do not cancel.....Please :)

Jan Kruzick says

PLEASE do not cancel Brokenwood. It is such a wonderful show. The characters are so much fun and makes me smile....

Helen Gazelka says

My husband I both love this series. We keep checking for the next season to come out ….PLEASE do not cancel

P Poynter says

Would have loved season 7 during this pandemic. As it is I'm binging on all the old programs. Love the plots characters, and the great scenery. Please have a 7th season!

sarah says

Please renew. Love the stories, cast and NZ! From fans in the USA

Deirdre says

Count me in as another Brokenwood fan! We are eagerly awaiting season 7!

Heather Mash says

I've been watching in the United States and I concur with everyone here I LOVE THIS SHOW please do a 7th season. Great stories, great acting and great camera work too enjoy seeing NZ. More please. Thanks

Anne Clark says

Excellent TV show watched the whole Series. Was not happy with ending of season 6. Hated that Trudy character in every episode she was in. Great acting and love the stories and the location is stunningly beautiful.

Ralph says

Did you just reveal the ending? Bad form.

H says

It is difficult to find shows that a actually good - Broken wood has a great cast, stories with interesting twists - please bring it back for Season 7

Sam says

What a fantastic series!!! As Canadians, we have just been introduced to this series through our Acorn TV app. We are crossing our fingers that Season 7 is announced. Great storylines and love the characters - Mrs Marlowe and Frodo are favourites!

Méan says

I love and I am fan from the beginning. Give more with all these actors,men and women.Great!

Charlie says

Oh, yeah, let's do another season! Love it, need it, gotta have it!

Ren. Stelloh says

Great TV series. Reminds us of an updated Colombo in rural NZ. Please produce Series 7 so we can watch it in Paso Robles, CA (USA).

Allan Carr says

Hope there will be a Series 7. Very entertaining. New Zealand's version of the very succesfull Midsomers Murders.

Helgard Kwiatkoski says

PLEASE let there be a series 7, 8, 9. 10... (until the creators run out of ideas) of Brokenwood Mysteries because, having just finished series 6 on DVD last week, I'm now on a re-run of all of them and hoping for more! I buy the UK edition DVDs because I don't like dubbed versions, and because we in Germany are only now getting series 2 on TV, way too long for me to wait. I absolutely love this show for its humour, its characters, its setting, its plots; in short, it's the kind of thing I enjoy and it's not nightmare-inducing and wonderfully free of gratuitous sex, violence, and the usual stuff of thrillers which I dislike. I even enjoy the music although I'm not a country music fan, because it really suits the show. So please give us fans many more instalments of The Brokenwood Mysteries, it's totally addictive and unique!

Keith Scholes says

Brilliant series, likeable characters, great setting and satisfying mysteries. Head and shoulders above most detective series, I could happily watch another 10 series.

Laura L Shaw says

I am in the USA...I love this show, I keep checking to see if series renewed.

Renee says

Please renew Brokenwood it's a nice show to watch compared to all the other "reality" TV crap and sitcoms. I'm in the U.S. and for the most part enjoy European shows considerably more especially mysteries!!! PLEASE renew the show!!! Thanks!

Robert Johnson says

US citizen ex Canadians we both love the show. Bring it back please.

Alan Mutch says

Love the chemistry between characters. Excellent plots, well written scripts and acting. Classy all round. Makes one strongly want to visit NZ.

Charles E Bowyer says

This is without a doubt one of the best shows I have watched. It is wonderful how the characters keep popping in on each episode, as they would in a real small town, and the writers and actors do this well. The cast plays it as a drama and the comedy just slides by. I find every player is a perfect fit. Actually 4 shows a season are too few. I hope you will do at least 10 more seasons.

Bob Taft says

Finishing Season 6 now. More, more please! Really love this show - PLUS the supporting music is absolutely wonderful!! We're very much looking forward to Season 7 and beyond. Thanks!

Janet are’s b says

We have watched all six seasons and are desperateLy waiting for season 7. Please give us more seasons, it’s such a great show. We watch from Florida.

Teresa says

Hooked on The Brokenwood Mysteries in the US! Please renew season 7!!!

Tom says

We have started viewing the series again. Up there with the best. A great series and hopefully there will be series 7.

Pam says

Love the show, but definitely need to use CC. Hope there is a season 7.

Lynne says

I'm in the USA and I adore Brokenwood Mysteries! I hope there will be a Season 7!

Paul Whitehurst says

Love this show watched every episode, so come on and get series Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten made.


just finished season 6 loved it. Hope Season 7 starts soon. From Canada

Nene says

Please please renew & give us Season 7 and more!

Roy Kimberley says

WANTED. Brokenwood series 7

Marge Rowe says

Love this show. Watch in U.S. Can't wait for further series.

Helga Hamlin says

Love this show am in the US. Watched all seasons and cannot wait for season 7.

lindy says

Please renew.....???

Larissa Kosits says

Please renew! I have so much love for this series. I am an avid fan in the US. I subscribe to ACORN for these great shows. This is such an interesting and clever series. The running gag about Sims coffee making :O) I love Jared and Joan. Bring back Kahu too! Please keep this great story telling and writing alive. Love the NZ setting and actors.

Marie Snyder says

Please renew for Season 7 and beyond. I'm on my 4th round of watching and have my husband hooked also. Love the characters, scenery, stories, etc. I watch on Acorntv via Amazon Prime in Colorado, USA.

Mary Tylman says

Really need to renew this show. Hard to find good shows that incorporate humor and suspense.

Kathy Rodgers says

I've watched all six seasons of Brokenwood three times. I'm really hoping for more seasons!!l

Shelley Lorber says

July 24,2020 For God sake please renew this series. Rarely do I watch ANYTHING from New Zealand but this is giving me a chance to see your beautiful country and learn about your friendly people. Can't wait till I fly to NZ via Australia Until this show I was only going to Auzzie but now I want to see NZ. This show has re-routed my holiday. Thanks so much Brokenwood. Shelley New York

Vicki says

Please let there be more. Love this series.

Elena says

Bring back Brokenwood. It’s one of the main reasons we subscribe to Acorn!!!

Dr. Larry Hansen says

We love this show. Please continue it. It is is wonderful production.

susan stanton says

After watching the first two series we travelled to NZ and went to Helensville just to say we had been where Mike and his crew worked. We are in the UK and REALLY, REALLY LOVE this programme. Please make more as we have seen all six plus the Xmas special at least five times.

Kathleen Harrington says

Please make more episodes of this wonderful show. It has provided an escape from the isolation of the pandemic response in Montana. Love the humor and beauty of New Zealand.

Terry says

This is an awesome show. Live everyone in it! Great story lines and characters. Renew please

Izzy says

Brokenwood has been renewed, switching networks to TVNZ1, partially funded by Acorn. According to their Facebook page, production has begun and there will be six 2 hour episodes in Season 7. So good news, but not reported here!

Terry from Iowa says

I am in love with this show. Most of the nightly entertainment today is so disgusting. Only "reality shows". A gushing, made up sex craze program is not good entertainment. Please bring back this program.

Emily Ballard says

Please don't cancel Brokenwood It is one of the best shows on TV lately!!

Dan says

We LOVE Brokenwood Mysteries! Can't wait for season 7. (BTW, does it appear to anyone else that the small town of Brokenwood might have the highest per capita murder rate in the world? Like, THE murder capital of the world!)

Colin Ames says

My wife and I recently discovered this on Acorn TV in the US, and have binged watched every episode. We are looking forward to season 7, and hopefully many more after that. Truly an excellent program.

Barbara Melfa says

My husband and I have watched every episode of Brokenwood Mysteries. The writers and the cast have done a superb job. The characters are so real and don't even look like they are acting. Glad to hear that there will be a season 7. We watch from Maryland.

Cyn says

Love the Brokenwood series. Left us wanting more, even after binge watching the first 6 series.

Lee says

Love the Brokenwood Mysteries, I hope they continue. The writers have done a great job & the cast & extras do a great job. I don’t get TV reception where we are so on DVD I can watch it over & over again. I put it up with Midsomer Murders, Bosch, Father Brown and evening my old favourite Murder She Wrote. Great work everyone. Looking forward to seeing more.

Lindsay says

Love this series. No swearing, good plots, fun scripts and great chemistry between the characters. Really want more , roll on series 7, Prime must not cancel!!

Pat Edgar says

Love the Brokenwood Mysteries. All the characters are brilliant. Lucky enough to have stayed in the town where it is filmed, in 2006, and it has not changed much. Long may they carry on.

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