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Search Party Season 6 or Cancelled? HBO Max Renewal & Release Date


Search Party cancelled or renewed?

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The prospect of cancellation is a very real fear for most, if not all, TV shows. The axe will surely fall eventually, but WHEN? With our team of network sources and insiders, we have the very latest news on whether Search Party is cancelled or renewed? Our handy cancel/renew tracker will keep you up to speed on the status of "HBO Max TV show Search Party!

Scales of Cancellation

Search Party Season 6 Cancelled or Renewal Status :

Renewal Status: Search Party Cancelled by HBO Max! — No Season 6. Are your other favorite TV shows cancelled too? See more cancellations.

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About Search Party TV Show

The dark satirical comedy-thriller is being cut after running for 5 great seasons. If you want to know why, keep reading!


Search Party follows the lives of a bunch of privileged millennials as they look for a missing acquaintance. The show has a bait and switch plot: The series kicks off with the lead protagonist Dory Sief (Alia Shawkat) roping in her too self-involved friends to look for a classmate she barely knows, she believes that the acquaintance is in danger and genuinely wants to look for her but continuously fails to fill the shoes of the stereotypical "hero" model.


The first season of the show aired on TBS with a small following of viewers. It garnered attention steadily as the plot became painfully true and the characters too relatable. The Series is now a cult hit and has won the hearts of fans all over the world.


The series was taken on by HBO MAX in its 3rd running and is still one of the few original series that's gained critical appreciation. It's a must-watch series that's going to fill your weekends with thrills, mystery and realistically comical events.


The characters are ever so self-involved with shallow goals that penetrate through every situation. Each of them is a narcissist in their own right, too self-centered to realize the bigger picture of life.


The series resonates with current-day millennials living in a world that's obnoxiously becoming more and more social media-centric. The characters' lives are ruled by how their profiles fare in the digital world, making them only relevant as per the number of people who "like" them. It also depicts a gullible public who's ready to accept all the lies that are posted on social media platforms.


Why is Search Party Season 6 being cancelled?


So, why is this nearly relatable millennial series closing up shop? Well, the official word on 'why' has not been stated yet. But, makers have announced that season 5 will be the final season as of now.


The series has 4 successful seasons currently, which ran from November 17, 2016, to January 28, 2021.


For fans who were hoping that this could be one series that would run for a good long time, they will have to wait and see. Until then, you'll have season 5 to look forward to.


Along with announcing the upcoming renewal of the new season 5, WarnerMedia has signed creators Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers to oversee production. They will also be helping in the production of new projects.


The creators are happy to be working on the final season. They have stated that they are grateful that HBO Max has not only given a chance for fans across the globe to get closure, with the show ending with an epic finale, but has also shown faith in their collaboration while they create new shows.


For the time being, fans will have to wait on the official statement from HBO Max and support the final season of this excellent comedic thriller series.

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