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Cold Justice Season 7 or Cancelled? Oxygen Renewal Status, Release Date 2021


Cold Justice cancelled or renewed?

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The prospect of cancellation is a very real fear for most, if not all, TV shows. The axe will surely fall eventually, but WHEN? With our team of network sources and insiders, we have the very latest news on whether Cold Justice is cancelled or renewed? Our handy cancel/renew tracker will keep you up to speed on the status of "Oxygen TV show Cold Justice!

Scales of Cancellation

About Cold Justice TV Show

Working alongside local law enforcement from across the country, the "Cold Justice" team has successfully helped bring about 21 convictions and 49 arrests. From Executive Producers Dick Wolf, Tom Thayer and Magical Elves, the true crime investigative series follows veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her rotating team of seasoned detectives Steve Spingola, Tonya Rider and Abbey Abbondandolo, as they travel to small towns to dig into unsolved homicide cases that have lingered for years without answers or justice for the victims.

Cold Justice Season 7 Cancelled or Renewal Status :

Renewal Status: Cold Justice Renewed for Season 7 by Oxygen!

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Cold Justice Season 7 Premiere Date :

Cold Justice Season 7 release date – 2024

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Cold Justice Season 7 Comments

Allison Cheney says

I'd like to see another live season of Cold Justice. I'd hate for it to end just because of the pandemic. Even if it's on the chopping block, we fans deserve some closure and so does Kelly Siegler--especially considering how TNT treated her and her fans!

Joan Aufderbeck says

Well, I know I speak for at least 6 viewers, we'd like to see Cold Justice renewed! This "holding pattern" is certainly frustrating for viewers, as I'm sure it is for Kelly and all the others involved. I realize, the biggest concern currently is probably the pandemic, and that could be the reason for the "redux" episodes. But a FIRM yes the series, when it is medically advisable, WILL be back with NEW episodes, would certainly be a breath of fresh air and something to look forward to! This maybe yes, maybe no is simply ridiculous! I've been involved in television programming, in the past, in my career. I can't believe this is simply in a "toss-up" situation! Please respond! And let the response be.... RENEWED air date TBA.... Thanks much! Peace, Joan

Deborah Curtis says

It is one of my favorite shows and don't want to see it end. I hope it is continued. I will be VERY disappointed if. It isn't on anymore!!!

Karen Augustine says

I would be so happy to see Cold Justice renewed for Season 7. God bless Kelly Siegler for the work that her and her team have done. It would be a sad day to find out that it is canceled

Cathy Crawley says

There MUST be more seasons of Cold Justice..... I have been binge watching all the other seasons and am desperately in love with the show. Especially all the people that these folks help. Very noble and very much needed in this otherwise sick world... Bring Back Kelly!!!!!

Diane Ford says

Bring back Kelly and the crew!!! Myself and ALL of my friends LOVE COLD JUSTICE!!’

Jean says

Agree with opinions above. I enjoy this show immensely. I have also enjoyed the “inside the episode” shows because of the added commentary by Kelly. Do hope Oxygen renews the show for as long as the prime characters want to do it.

Constance says

My husband and I would be very disappointed in Oxygen if they don’t renew Cold Justice. It is one of the better shows on that network.

Joshua says

My whole family lives this show and the voice it gives we to the voiceless. Keep this going!!!!

DeAnn Wheeler says

I love the Cold Justice along with Kelly and her team! Please renew this show. Thank you, DeAnn W.

Virginia Mortensen says

Cold Justice has been a favorite show for as long as its been on TV. Please bring it back. It is a great service to those families in the unsolved cases.



Ginny says

I’d be very disappointed to find cold justice cancelled, I have faith you will give me something to live for

Tracey Lee Ferrell says

Call Justice needs to stay on it has heart And compassion it feels avoid and shows the public good cops good law-enforcement in this day and age that needs to be pushed forward I have watch this is the beginning I have watched all the reruns available have tried to buy the DVDs I’m a retired hospice nurse I have three other family members that are RNs my mother was an RN I come from a large family six siblings the other half of my family or law-enforcement and military one brother retard 20 years Lieutenant Another brother 40 years with the NSA in Washington we all love this show it shows hell good law enforcement officers Really are because they are good citizens and have a good heart and really want to do what’s right . You have an obligation to the supporters of the oxygen channel because it call justice leaves then we follow her Kelly we all need a little cold justice in our lives the obligation you have would be among the same as people that lead with their heart such as Ron Howard Steven Spielberg with their movies having a message making an impact please don’t cancel Cold justice I talk about it any chance I get thank you for listening and I’ll be praying that you continue it



Gem Edwards says

Pleeeeeeeese continue this amazing show, I’m a little late to the party but it has been a god send watching back to back episodes through the pandemic. Kelly and her team are amazing and it’s refreshing to have a woman’s perspective on law enforcement 👍🏼

Beth Fischer says

I feel that this is a TRUE show. NOT FAKE DRAMA, PRETEND LIFE ECT. Kelly Siegler and her whole team make a difference in lives, with each case. Please don't take this off. THERE ARE STILL SOOOO MANY CASES TO SOLVE. FAMILYS TO HEAL. JUSTICE, JUSTICE FOR VICTIMES. We know of a national case. Truthfully. TEARS

Kelley Sellmer says

I love Kelly and her team give hope to those in pain. Please bring it back!!!

Paige says

This is a great show and I don’t say that just as a viewer. Im thinking about all of the families that now have justice for their murdered love ones that probably would not have justice without Kelly and co. That’s why it is paramount that this series continues. Thank you Oxygen.

Paige says

This is a great show and I don’t say that just as a viewer. Im thinking about all of the families that now have justice for their murdered love ones that probably would not have justice without Kelly and co. That’s why it is paramount that this series continues. Thank you Oxygen.

Sonya Brend says

I sure wish like many others that Ms.Kelly could help solve my sons murder from 7-22-2019 Ran down in the night like a animal and killed in Nolanville Texas. I’ve been doing the job of a cop, a Texas Ranger, the fbi and dps. I’ve talked to state rep and DA and the mayor of the town he knows something really bad is gonna come to this and has tried to help me get his killer brought to Justice. I lived 20 mins from where my son was killed . I was never allowed to ID my sons body not say my good byes at the morgue, they held his body for 3 months. His body was evidence.I paid for a box of ashes. We found out on Facebook he was murdered that morning. I Thank you for your time god bless ya and stay safe.

Linda Hammer says

I love Cold Justice. Kelly and her team help so many people that don’t really know how to get information. I have watched the show from the beginning and tape all reruns. The show is well done even the music they select. Please keep the show going. This show ranks 1st in my top 3. 2nd is 24 and 3rd is Criminal Minds.

Harold Wright says

I have watched show SIEGLER is a drama queen . More interested in being seen on camera

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