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Angry Birds: Summer Madness Season 2 or Cancelled? Netflix Renewal & Release Date

Angry Birds: Summer Madness

Angry Birds: Summer Madness cancelled or renewed?

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The prospect of cancellation is a very real fear for most, if not all, TV shows. The axe will surely fall eventually, but WHEN? With our team of network sources and insiders, we have the very latest news on whether Angry Birds: Summer Madness is cancelled or renewed? Our handy cancel/renew tracker will keep you up to speed on the status of "Netflix TV show Angry Birds: Summer Madness!

Scales of Cancellation

About Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV Show

You have surely heard about the Angry Birds franchise or perhaps have played their famous mobile game? Everyone is excited about Angry Birds as season two is all set and ready to be released and return to the streaming platform. Angry Birds; Summer Madness is a children's animated series produced by Rob Doherty and Scott Sonneborn, the show was released in January 2022 on Netflix, and once again, Netflix has announced that the second season will be released very soon. The show is based on the Angry Birds franchise, which is why all the characters are from the Angry Birds Movie and the game. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining series for your children, then go for Angry Birds. Keep reading below to know everything about the cast and plot of the show.


What Is Angry Birds Summer Madness All About?


Angry Birds shows the lives of characters Red, Stella, Bomb, and Chuck, who are pre-teens birds and are in the camp, Splinterwood. The show's first season consists of 16 episodes, each of which shows the lives of these birds inside the camp and how they struggle to survive there, the show is full of fun episodes where you can see the teenage birds dealing with bullies in the camp. The Sumer camp is full of adventure and the birds enjoy doing what they like each day, for example, cannonballing, rocking over the trees, etc.


The show's creators have done a great job in making these wonderful characters who are fun to watch for every child, this is why season one of the Angry Birds Summer Madness became very famous on Netflix around the world. There is good news for all the fans who were thinking about when they will get to see the next season, Netflix recently announced the launch of the new season just months after the end of the first season.


Cast And Characters Of The Angry Birds Summer Madness


The cast and actors that have given their voices to the different characters of the show are as follows:

  • Ian Hanlin as Red and Neiderflyer
  • Gigi Saul Guerrero as Stella
  • Ty Olsson as Bomb
  • Deven Mack as Chuck
  • Adam Kirschner as Mighty Eagle and Terence
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Lynette
  • Peter Kelamis as Harold
  • Ana Sanias Robin and Matilda


These are the artists behind this masterpiece of an animated series. The show is directed by Tahir Rana.


What Can You Expect From Season Two?


Season two of Angry Birds Summer Madness will be as exciting as the first season, the second season will continue to teach important lessons about friendship and what it takes to build a good relationship with your friends. A lot of new camp adventure is expected in season two, giving the teenage birds more exposure, which will teach them how to cope with difficult situations.


Release Of The Second Season


According to the news, the show is set to release its second season on 24 June 2022, the second season will have fifteen episodes in total. Naturally, the fans are excited to see the return of all the camp fun.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness Season 2 Cancelled or Renewal Status :

Renewal Status: Angry Birds: Summer Madness Renewed for Season 2 by Netflix!

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Angry Birds: Summer Madness Season 2 Premiere Date :

Angry Birds: Summer Madness Season 2 release date – June 24th, 2022

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