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Trash Truck

Trash Truck cancelled or renewed? Is Trash Truck TV show cancelled or renewed 2023 - 2024? Will Trash Truck Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? Trash Truck 2023 release dates? 2023 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Trash Truck.


Trash Truck Status: Season 2 Renewed May 4th, 2021

Network: Netflix

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About Trash Truck TV Show

Six-year-old Hank and his best buddy - a giant honking, snorting trash truck - go on lots of fun adventures, from learning to fly to going to the movies.

Trash Truck Season 2 Trailer | Netflix Jr

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Louise Beamer says

Do not cancel this show. Only wholesome out there. Tv programming for kids is pure junk!

Charli says

The best little kids show out there!

Betsy B says

This is one of the best kid shows out right now! My 21 month old grandson and I watch it every day. I know most of the dialogue and he knows what comes next in each episode. We could really use a new season! Please!! Don't force us to watch the real trash out there!!

Marta bennet says

Please we are waiting for season 3 ! We all watch trash Truck with our 20 month old Granddaughter. She has been watching this since she was 8 months. Thank you

Grandma Barb says

Trash truck is so sweet, very funny and beautifully done. The dialogue and music are perfect to keep children’s attention but adults also see the humor. It seems so hard to create something different that’s just innocent fun and you did it with Trash Truck. Please don’t let the opportunity to continue something special go by.

Jack Gentry says

We need more Trash Truck!!!!!! Best kids show on hands down. Come on Netflix bring on more Trash Truck season 3,4,5,6,7!

Tammy Littrell says

Absolutly the best kid show available ...wholesome and humorous we watch it over and over .Both my grand kids 2yrs old LOVE trash truck !!!!

Cayle says

My little boy tells me every day "trash truck trash truck". It a really good show and it shows them many emotions that they are supposed to learn and its a very sweet show. Make a season 3 please! I have gotten many people on it because its better than all the other shows.

Sarah Walker says

My son absolutely loves Trash Truck. We’ve seen the 2 seasons & the Christmas special countless times. I’m hoping this very wholesome show gets renewed!!

Madison says

Such a wholesome show. My 5 1/2 month old and entire family love this. We play it in the background while we play. Not overstimulating, I love it. Best kids show out there. Donny, cracks me up!

Sandra says

My grandson and I watch Trash Truck right before nap time. It’s not as fast paced as many other shows for his age group. We watch it over and over and still giggle at the pizza eating scene on sleepover episode. Please make more seasons.

Aunt TT says

My nephew loves this show PLEASE make a 3rd season. Its such a cute kids show.

Rebecca Blackard says

I watch this with my 2 year old grandson. He lives with me right now and we have seen every episode countless times. Watching it right now. Please keep new episodes coming. We absolutely love this show and all the stories and characters!

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