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These Woods Are Haunted

These Woods Are Haunted cancelled or renewed? Is These Woods Are Haunted TV show cancelled or renewed 2023 - 2024? Will These Woods Are Haunted Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? These Woods Are Haunted 2023 release dates? 2023 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on These Woods Are Haunted.


These Woods Are Haunted Status: Season 2 Renewed October 14th, 2019

Network: Travel Channel

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About These Woods Are Haunted TV Show

If you are a fan of horror drama then you can tune into the Travel Channel every night at 9 p.m. to watch some great stars create magic on “These Woods are Haunted”. This television series premiered on October 10, 2017 and has since enjoyed popular viewing on the Travel Channel with fans waiting eagerly for new episodes to air.

Location of the Show

When the Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) announced the birth of this new series that was to be produced by Ocean Magic Tv Inc and filmed in locations like Nova Scotia, and Canada, fans were thrilled and couldn't wait to see what the show had to offer.

The Plot

This popular series is made up of 3 seasons. Season one had 8 episodes, season 2 had 10 episodes, and season 3 also had 10 episodes, which were just recently aired.

The Cast

If you are a lover of this series, you may already be familiar with some of the cast and crew of the show. Overall, the series is made up of sixty cast members, with different actors being the main actors for the different episodes. To mention a few, Episode 1 saw great acts like Debbie Rochon, Greg Clarkson, Leah Forest, David Scammel and others. The series is produced by a team of six powerful producers who take turns to produce different episodes through the course of the series. There is also a host that works tirelessly to ensure that the drama series runs seamlessly.

Final Words by the Fans

When asked how they feel about this semi-horror show, you can read mixed reactions from the fans. Some claimed that they love everything about the show and always look forward to the start of a new episode, with one fan who was so enthusiastic when she claimed that this show is the best show on tv. According to her, she watches the show over and over and goes further to say that she counts the days before the start of a new episode.

Others confessed that it was too scary and they watch the show selectively. This group of viewers claimed that the show exposed how short-sighted the human eye was and that it was unable to see beyond the present moment. The show convinced them that we actually lived with a great number of horrible creatures and that truly, the woods should be avoided at all cost.

For the record, this series is inspired by some happenings in real life, although some are purely fictional. This drama series makes use of short stories to expose the ordeal that some people go through whenever they are out in the woods.

Has the Series Ended?

Fans of this series aren’t sure if there will be a fourth season, and we have yet to hear an official announcement from the producers. If ‘These Woods are Haunted’ is renewed for a 4th season, we’ll be one of the first to let you know!

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Brett Stoddard says

This show is awesome. Please, please do more episodes and seasons.

Augie says

Love this show

Ryan Durney says

Some of these are really well-done and intriguing. Please let the fans know what's coming or not coming.

Mary says

This is one of my top five favorite shows. Please bring it back.

Judy Pierce says

I love this show. There are been some exciting stories in my native state, West Virginia and where I presently live in Kentucky. I pray that the show will not be cancelled.

Erika says

Please renew for Season 3! The encounters these people tell are amazing. This is my most favorite show. I watch episodes of Season 1 and 2 over and over again every week before bed. I am intrigued and terrified by the Dog Man, Sasquatch and any paranormal story someone wants to share. There are so many out there. You can keep this going for years!

Maryann House says

I so agree!! The people are so truthful, I watch a lot of shows like this but this one really scares me.

Nate says

Eagerly waiting for season 3!!!!

Brett P says

This show is great! Bring it back for another season

Kimberly R Czarapata says

Please do a season this series!!

Donna Abele says

please please bring it back soooooo good !!!!!

parker pyne says

This show is well done and I really enjoy it. Season 3 would be amazing. There is so much potential for this show to grow and take on more fans.

Kayla O says

Excited and hopeful for a third season! My mom and I LOVE this show. Please release season 3 soon so we can binge watch more episodes! :)

Kristina Rojo says


Dee says

This show is well documented, storyline is great, modernized production and different from the rest. The director and producer knows how to captivate the audience. I love this show. Season 3 please!

Wendy says

Please make some more seasons. Great watching.

T says

A new season is coming! It was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada, this spring.


Please renew. This show is awesome! Only wish I hadn't binge-watched the only 2 seasons. Guess I'll be watching them again.

Teri Doyle says

This show is totally awesome. Travel channel be smart and bring it back on! We will be watching!!

Janet Zabokrtsky says

Awesome show, you know this isn't made up. Please do more shows

Sarra Williams says

Please do a season 3 of these wood are haunted, it's my absolute favorite!! They are awesome stories!

Ethan Elliott says

Me and my family love this show. We can't get enough of it. Please, give us more seasons.

John says

This is a great show !! Love it ! Bring it back ! Season 3 -4 -5 -6 ! Keep up the good work !

G crawford says

Keep it going!!!

Klinton wilson says

One of the top encounter documentary shows ever made. It cannot end if the testimonies are true as truth is stranger than fiction so the glory of the show is endless.

Stacey Stansbury says

We hope this show has a season 3, because it is one of the best shows on discovery+!

Tammy says

Love this show! Hope they continue with season 3!

Ian says

Please bring this back one of my favourite programs

Theresa D Myers says

My whole family watches these woods are haunted. We love the shows please keep it running for many seasons. Thank you.

Brant says

Season 3 Premieres Sept 10th from what Travel Channels website says.

Ian says

Would be great for new seasons great program 😀

Ian says

Would be great for new seasons great program 😀

Rebekha Bates says

I love this show please make streaming season 3 available on travel channel app

Samantha says

I really love th I s show too. Was so upset they only had 2 seasons. Then I saw season 3 & was extremely happy & excited! I'm hoping for more seasons of this show. The format is great. It's very interesting. Need the other shows back too, "In search of monsters", "Bigfoot is Real"( killing bigfoot was original name). I loved that show. "These woods are haunted" has some of the most beautiful sceneries I've ever seen. Please please make lots more! Lol

Ruth Owens says


Chris says

One of the few shows we love to watch. Please renew this for another season and DO NOT cancel…we love this show.

Judy Pierce says

Absolutely love this show!!

Stephanie Holman says

I love this show so much!! Please renew for another season. :)

Judy Pierce says

I purchased the first two seasons and watch them over and over and over again. I plan to also purchase Season 3. I absolutely love this TV show. Please renew! The scariest episode was when Mike and Mike and his son drove to Adams County, Ohio to that cemetery to look for Bigfoot. It absolutely kept me on the edge of my seat. My second favorite is the grandfather who takes his grandson, David, fishing on the Gauley River in WV.

Jennifer M. says

Omg i love these woods are haunted an ive watched all 3 seasons repeatedly on discovery+ ... Please tell me there is gonna be more of these woods are haunted .. I will definitely cry if there isnt... Ive watched everything paranormal on discovery+ ..

Stracie Jones says

Please Please bring the show back and Terror in The Woods!!! I love them both!!


I certainly hope that the episodes of "TERROR IN THE WOODS" Will continue in 2023. I abso;utley LOVE this show and have watched each episode 6 or 7 times each but it's time for new stuff. PLEASE, PLEASE Have MORE episodes coming. The best ones are BIGFOOT Related!

Andrew Burns says

I love These woods are haunted on discovery plus channels, there isnt any show like it. Very terrifying. Please keep making more season.

Sal Riggione says

Been waiting what seems like forever for season 4 of "These woods are haunted." Anxiously waiting for "Travel Channel" to releases a new season.

Sarah Best says

This is by far the best paranormal show ever made. I'm a believer and yet skeptical. I find it utterly fascinating and addicting to watch.... over and over. Please continue with these amazing first hand encounter stories of the terror that lurks in the deep, dark woods!

Brenda says

Please, don't cancel this show! I love it!

Ryan says

Ready for more! Alien accounts are my favorite, even if the budget for FX is not really there.

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