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Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid cancelled or renewed? Is Naked and Afraid TV show cancelled or renewed 2023 - 2024? Will Naked and Afraid Season 11 be renewed or cancelled? Naked and Afraid 2023 release dates? 2023 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Naked and Afraid.


Naked and Afraid Status: Season 11 Renewed January 5th, 2020

Network: Discovery Channel

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About Naked and Afraid TV Show

The title of this series is enough to get you interested to watch it. The show may remind you of the biblical story of Adam and Eve, but in this case, the man and woman who were previously strangers are put in the wild for only 21 days. Their task is to survive these days without even the most basic necessities like shelter or clothes.

The Plot

This series is an American Reality drama series. In each episode, two people are placed in the wilderness and their task is to survive in any way they can. A general rule is that:

1. They must be naked,

2. They must be total strangers to each other.

While taking note of the dangers of the wilderness, each contestant is allowed to bring a favorite weapon along, which can be either a machete or a fire starter.

The Adventure Begins

Once the finalists have met each other, they must provide a makeshift shelter, some food and water.

So that they can document their adventure when the camera crew is not around, they are provided with a bag containing a personal diary, camera, and a map to be used at night.

You can see them wearing something like a necklace on their neck, this is actually a microphone, through which they can communicate with themselves and the production team. The camera team may not intervene unless there is a severe emergency, such as a medical emergency.

As you may have guessed, a team is allowed to opt out at any point of the game if they feel overwhelmed. If not, they must complete the task by arriving at the expected destination where they will be picked up by a helicopter or a boat.

For viewers who cannot keep up with the show, they can use the viewers update statistics that the producers have made available, this way they can know how each contestant is faring.

The Episodes and Cast of Naked and Afraid

The original network with the viewing rights is the Discovery Channel and so far, the show has 13 seasons and 120 episodes. The Executive producers of this show are David Garfinkle, Dennis Contis, Jay Renfroe, Steve Rankin and Joseph Boyle.

The country of origin of this show is the United States of America and the original language is English.

Reception of Naked Afraid

This show has gathered a mixed reaction from its audience ever since its inception, to some, this is the best reality show ever made. One fan commented that this show exposes how dogged humans can be, even without basic social amenities.

Others expressed some worry about how real the show is, and claimed that the environment might not be as rugged as the producers portray it. One fan also noticed that a contestant was treated with IV Fluids when she was down, but this was not shown to the audience

Regardless, if you’re into reality shows - Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel is a show you won’t want to miss!

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Andrew trevor davies says

My name is andrew davies, Im 55 years old,i I live in london United kingdom/ uk, I have watched the show form the beginning, I would love to go on the show to see if I have the skill to survive for 21 days. My skill are as follows. Can make fire, can build shelter, can eat of the land, make meany type of traps. And use what's around me. I was a child teacher for 12_ 16 year old in the army cadets for 12 year got to the rank of staff sergeant. And can think outside the box to get the best out come.. my email address is tank******[email protected]. if possible can you send me an entry from please. Thank you, mr andrew trevor davies.

Laura Flint says

I just love n and a. If I were younger I would want to participate. Please bring it back.!

Someone says

I am just leaving a comment to say that I know that a new season of Naked and Afraid was already filmed and in the editing process.

Timir Upadhyay says

Hi I m timir 37yr old from India I really like naked and afraid show and I want to show the 21-day survival challenge from the jungles of India through experience and I know that I can do it. It is not legal to remain naked in India and I do not know such a good English language. If I went to the show, my partner might have more trouble, maybe that is why I want to come in this challenge, please give me a chance once...

Gina M Miller says

What happened to the rest of the episodes of season 13??? Looks like they skipped a few ???

Vicki Hoffman says

I noticed N&A hasn’t been on in a while - what’s going on? Was it cancelled?

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