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#MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta

#MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta cancelled or renewed? Is #MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will #MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta Season be renewed or cancelled? #MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on #MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta.

#MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta
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About #MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta TV Show

#MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta is one of the best TV shows you can watch on Centric. It only has a one-hour episode but in just a single hour, you can get a lot of lessons from the show.

This is a reality series that follows the lives of three women who come from different parts of the world. Each woman follows a unique path in life. It is a TV show that discusses the harsh reality of life and how each lady tries to get through each of the problems they experience daily.

The three main characters of this series include Decennia, Alexis Bell, and Rachel Johnson. Even though these women are being knocked down by the world multiple times, they still manage to get up. One of these ladies is dealing with insecurities.

Rachel Johnson works as an actress and a model under the code name Ro Ro. She has a stunning look with a girl-next-door smile, but when she’s not in front of the camera she hates herself. Wearing makeup became her sanctuary, she does not have enough confidence to show off how her skin really looks. Johnson thinks that wearing makeup will save her against the judgments of society.

Despite being a successful actress and model, Rachel still wants to get the best out of her career. Thus, she always covers her face with a heavy foundation, thinking that it could cover her acne, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and scars.

Alexis Bell is a mom with a passion for song recording. The ultimate dream of many recording artists’ is to get their major record level, but the case is different with Alexis Bell. The life of Alexis is not easy as many other aspiring artists and she is constantly dealing with life challenges that always knock her down. Being a mother of two, she is dedicated to getting Atlanta’s biggest and hottest music scene.

Unfortunately, even though she got the deal with Empire Records, Alexis remains homeless. She finds shelter in car parks and desolated streets. This gave her a big responsibility to face the truth and confront her homelessness.

Lastly, Delenia Adams is a professional wrestler. She began questioning herself if moving into a new relationship that fast was a good decision. At the age of 23, she gets engaged to Matthew King, who is also a professional wrestler. Despite being together for many years, Delenia started to have second thoughts about marrying her fiancé. Adams also questions her partner's ability, who is currently 27 years old, to be a good husband and father to her two children.


This series has six episodes that show how these courageous women find the path to happiness and healing. They find peace through the help of Spirit, a licensed psychotherapist. Spirit had helped to transform these women to live a life free from lies, hatred, and judgment.

Spirit helped Rachel, Alexis, and Delenia to make the right decisions in their lives and face problems with confidence.

If you want to find out more about the lives of these three Atlanta women, watch the #MyCurrentSituation: Atlanta on Centric.

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