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#Murder cancelled or renewed? Is #Murder TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will #Murder Season be renewed or cancelled? #Murder 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on #Murder.

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About #Murder TV Show

Are you fond of watching murder-related TV series? If the answer is yes, you will surely love the plot of #Murder on Quibi. Let us know more about what you should expect on #Murder.

We spent most of our time checking and posting our status on various social media platforms. But did you know that murders also use social media and technology for committing deadly crimes?

One of the well-known and timely TV shows released on Quibi is the #Murder. This series shows that committing a crime is now possible through the use of social media and technology. Moreover, it explores the significant changes that may occur in the community and individual’s life since modern technologies have been introduced.

Tia Smith, the Executive in Charge of production, and Sr. Director of #Murder, considered social media as a blessing and a curse. This show presents crime scenes related to different social media platforms that may happen in real life, beyond that, it will also explore possible tools that could help in solving the crime.

#Murder is a TV series showing that social media is a means to communicate and a way to kill people. One of the best things you will love about this series is that each episode discusses how different crime scenes become digital. From police officers that use social media in tracing the suspect’s location, to a killer posting denouncing photos and videos on his victim’s social media, #Murder is produced to remind people that anything could happen through technology.

The first episode of #Murder discusses how social media changed the life of Shaniesha Forbes, a 14-year old American teen who lives in New York. Forbes usually browses her social media account when she is not busy and sets new events to her ‘busy’ social media calendar.

In January 2013, the teenager didn’t go to school and rejected all the calls and texts made by her mom. With that, her mom knew that her daughter was in deep trouble. Thus, she immediately rushed to the police station and reported what had happened to her daughter.

The first thing that detectives did was to open the teen’s Facebook profile to determine any potential suspects. Over time, the detectives started to get leads and revealed every parent’s worst nightmare. As the show goes on, #Murder reveals the threatening side of social media.

The succeeding episodes of #Murder increase the tension among the viewers. Each episode tells the real-life crime scenes explained by witnesses, prosecutors, and investigators. What made #Murder unique compared to other investigative TV series is that it shows the actual murdering of a suspect who uses social media and other means of technology to lure and kill his victims.


If you haven’t seen a TV series that discusses crimes that can possibly be committed through social media, you may consider watching #Murder on Quibi. One of its viewers stated that this show explores the most tragic cases and the highest level of violence. As this show includes too many killings and violence, it is restricted to be watched only by adults.

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