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Mama June: Road to Redemption

Mama June: Road to Redemption cancelled or renewed? Is Mama June: Road to Redemption TV show cancelled or renewed 2024 - 2025? Will Mama June: Road to Redemption Season 5 be renewed or cancelled? Mama June: Road to Redemption 2024 release dates? 2024 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Mama June: Road to Redemption.

Mama June Road to Redemption

Mama June: Road to Redemption Status: Season 5 Renewed March 19th, 2021

Network: WE tv

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About Mama June: Road to Redemption TV Show

This season, Pumpkin and her husband are having trouble keeping their heads above water. Due to Josh's job, they're living separately, and the distance is not making the heart grow fonder. Pumpkin is struggling as she has the weight of keeping a happy home, caring for her teenage sister Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Georgia's cutest peach, daughter Ella Grace on her shoulders at the tender age of 20. Alana knows she can't rely on Sugar Bear or Geno-- and with her sister's marriage on the rocks, she's worried about losing Josh too. Meanwhile, a near death experience sends Sugar Bear looking for Alana. He continues to hold out hope that he and Alana can have a healthy father daughter relationship. However, there's trouble ahead when Sugar Bear's wife Jennifer starts to suspect he is cheating. June and Geno's road to redemption hits a bump when a pending court case threatens to send them away for years leaving June terrified. After navigating some of the toughest obstacles and biggest losses over the past year, will she come out on the other side?

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Susan Meoni says

I really hope Mama June Road to Redemption will be renewed for a season 6. It's one of the best reality shows on tv. I love the show and alot of the characters and this show is very entertaining. Please renew not cancel.

Susan Meoni says

I really hope Mama June Road to Redemption will be renewed for a season 6. It's one of the best reality shows on tv. I love the show and alot of the characters and this show is very entertaining. Please renew not cancel.

Brenda says

Television keeps changing and there’s less and less to wAtch. I’m a big fan of this show and their family. The show is not only entertaining it’s raw and touches real life. It would be really disappointing to not renew.

Wesley Feltner says

What an absolute piece of trash, June is a waste of human skin. Pumpkin should have her own show.."Life with boo boo, or how bout "Growing up Boo? For real though, Pumpkin and Josh are examples of what a good hard-working American Family looks like...young people take note..fine examples. I will watch just to see june crash and burn.

Susan P. says

Mama June will never change. Sometimes we have to take toxic family out of our life to be able to more on with our life’s. I give Pumpkin a lot of credit for taking good care of the family. Alana is becoming a beautiful person after all she has been though. After all that June has put the family though.Also they are lucky to have DoDo in there life’s. I would like to still watch the show. Can’t they start a new show? As hard as it might be June is always going to do what is good for her. She doesn’t get the damage she has done to the family and never will. To the family take care of each other, life is short just Love each other. Take care.

Lisa Kay says

I hope they give Pumpkin,Josh and Alana their own show and do away with mama all together. I only watch it for them anyway I could careless what the lady that gave birth to them is doing. It's usually something stupid anyway. Read a post up above love the title for a new show Growing up Boo Boo. Hope WETV does it.

Pam Dixon Smith says

It definitely should be The Pumkin Patch Show!! Jessica and June there also. And June should be ashamed of herself since she would choose to give her daughter up rather than help support her. I enjoy watching Pumpkin Josh and Jessica so much!! And Alana!!

Christina Dyer says

I l love this show. I did feel bad for Sugar Bear. I know that had to be hard for him,but I was super excited that Josh and Pumpkin got full custody of Alana. I am excited about the twins. They have such cute kids. I hope they renew the show.

Tim Mcleod says

Please do not cancel mama June road to redemption for season 7 it's the best thing on TV right now.

Irene says

Please bring Mama June back for Season 7. Love the show!!

Diane Hannel says

I watch mama June each week that it is on. I would love to see a new show with Pumpkin, Josh , Alana, etc . Not necessarily June. She will never change. All she cares about is herself and what ever man she is with. Not wanting to pay any support for Alana at all. So selfish. Pumpkin is so mature for 22 more than Mama June will ever be. Especially with 4 young kids to care for. Her love for Alana really comes through each week. Please renew it. So We can follow the family's life without June.

Virginia Battaglia says

I have bin watching the show for as long as it was on . Love pumpkin and Josh doing a great job raising a big family. Alana is doing well love her too . Jessica needs to get a job. And stop living off of pumpkin and Josh. And as for Mama June What a shame. Hope they don’t cancel the show I don’t know what I’ll do with my Friday nights.

Terri says

Cancel it Nothing good on the show .

Annie Shaw says

I love the show my boyfriend is mad every time he sees me watching it though but is such a reality check. And after all pumpkin does for Alana, how dare June not even wanna pay child support for her child. After to buy men Cars and giving them houses and getting their teeth fixed. The least she can do is Pay Punkin child support

Shawn tom says

Bring back mama drama Justin and mama and all the drama oh I love this show gotta see more of June and justin


I Like the show, June has been brought up the wrong way, she has no clue what real Love is, and that's ashame, she needs help finding out what its all about, She has lost her way in communication department!! I'm praying she will take the time to listen to her family, and just take a hard long look how she can improve her involvement with her family, Praying for the whole family!! Congratulations to Josh and Pumpkin on the new birth of their twins!! Hope there is another season, want to see the babies!! Of course The rest of the family also!! Best Wish to them all!!

Tameka Remee Jean batiste says

June need a new season 2023

Jessica says

Love Pumpkin, Josh, Alana & the kids. Should take "Mama June" out of the title and start a new show with Pumpkin and her family. Her & Josh are examples of what real parents are. Mama June is never going to change and will always put her new "boy toy" before her family. I'd love to see the show with everyone EXCEPT June and just have her on there if Pumpkin wants her to be.

Deb says

Please do not cancel. I want to see Josh and Pumpkin’s growing family. And I love how Alana has remained so poised despite growing up in the public eye.

Laura says

Love this show I think pumpkin is doing the right thing by everything she does and Josh love him too they are the perfect couple they should definitely do without you and she should not be getting a nickel or any kind of money for anything she is a loser give your money to your daughter who deserves it for taking care of Alana

Celia Gignac says

Is Alana pregnant? Rumors saying she may be pregnant and is engaged to her boyfriend.

Cathy vance says

I love this show. My social life is planned around the show. Lol. Josh and pumpkin are doing a great job. Love following them.

Craig says

Please renew this show..Pumpkin and Josh are the mature caring parents that Alana needs and their own 4 children are lucky to be in a loving caring and funny family! It’s a great show!

Irma says

I have concerns that Alana will end up getting pregnant & will end up on Teen Mom!! I heard that she was at the boyfriends house & Pumpkin asked him if Alana was awake yet..meanwhile, he had no shirt on. So was she in the same bed with him?? She's too young & he's old enough to know better

arlene davis says

Please renew mama june. I,want to see her progress. Also the whole family.

Cheryl L Crosby says

Bring back season 7 of mama june I watched all 6 seasons don't cancel the show

heather says

is the show cancelled after episode 22? Have not seen anything new in a couple weeks.

Tina says

Give Pumpkin, Alana and family their own show and cancel Momma June: Road to Redemption! June is a loss cause. She will never put her kids first.... she's proven that time and time again.

Janice Erwin says

Please don’t cancel mama June or if u do at least give us one in its place of punkin josh and Alana. It’s my favorite show and it’s the only show I watch!

Charles says

The oldest daughter got smart and left the line life but missed out on all the money! Sugar bear is better off without that other wife he had. She wasn’t nothing but a gold digger I mean come on who in their right mine would fall for sugar bear. At least he did work and take care of June’s kids. Not many men would do that

Janice Erwin says

I’m so happy they kept the show for another season! While that’s happening get on the ball and make punkin josh and Alana a show please not that I don’t love the show as it is but Punkin Josh and Alana are getting older with their own family and think it would be amazing for them and us to watch

Laura says

Love this show I think pumpkin is doing the right thing by everything she does and Josh love him too they are the perfect couple they should definitely do without you and she should not be getting a nickel or any kind of money for anything she is a loser give your money to your daughter who deserves it for taking care of Alana

Penny McCracken says

Let us know one way or other don't leave us in the dark.

Troy Lee Winger says

All of you horrible individuals who are posting negative comments about Mama June need to keep in mind that she is a human being with feelings you need to keep in mind that you are not only hurting her but you are hurting those beautiful girls of hers and that beautiful grandbaby. Show a little damn respect. I don't see any of you losing a lot of weight and signing a deal for a TV show? Yeah I think not.

Lisa B says

Just binge watched all seasons. Really loved the whole show!

Debra Mowry says

Waiting for information about a new season. Have been watching from the beginning

Beverly says

Please cancel Mama June in its entirety. These people are just taking up space for productive shows. They are rude and vulgar. They disrespect the “fans”, you know.,,the people who got them where they are today. Have you not watched their tictoks live. It is repulsive and you should be ashamed of have that represent your production. Let these people go back to a life they know and not what they have grown accustomed to. If they had remained humble and respectful, I’d be writing a whole different narrative. These people are delusional!!

Beverly says

It’s time to cancel this crap. These people need to ALL get real jobs out in the real world.June is foul and trashy. I can’t see how this is not an embarrassment to WETv. The whole lot of them on tictok etc begging for money, selling cheap crap and charging a boatload in shipping not to mention belittling and humiliating their fans for not having money than flaunting their new tattoos and eating out all the time. Wake the hell up WETv!

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