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Kings of Pain

Kings of Pain cancelled or renewed? Is Kings of Pain TV show cancelled or renewed 2023 - 2024? Will Kings of Pain Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? Kings of Pain 2023 release dates? 2023 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Kings of Pain.


Kings of Pain Status: Season 2 Renewed May 26th, 2022

Network: History

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About Kings of Pain TV Show

"Kings of Pain" follows wildlife biologist Adam Thorn and professional animal handler Rob "Caveman" Alleva as they get bit and stung by some of the most dangerous animals and vicious stinging insects in the world – from a reticulated python to a rove beetle – to create a complete and comprehensive pain index.

Kings Of Pain | Season Two Premieres

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Tim Church says

Kings of pain rocks. We love watching, and seeing which fearsome animals earn their rep!

Joanna Douglas says

Kings of pain is my favorite show of my lifetime! Please bring them back!! Caveman made the show worth watching!!!

james murphy says

BRING BACK KINGS OF PAIN!!! Best show on tv

Steve Benson says

Best show ever! Can’t wait for season 2! Adam Is the man!!

Steven Parker says

Hope there’s going to be a season 2 of kings of pain it’s awesome I keep watching it over and over so hurry up and release it

Xavier says

This show is far out its got me hooked and wanting a second season asap!

Eric Hockemeyer says

More pain please.

Drew Smith says

Me and my fiancé watched season one on Hulu and were surprised at the knowledge and excited we got out of the show. I can’t wait for a season two and we really hope it’s the same cast. Everything about it was enjoyable and we need more!!

Lmax says

Come on History Channel!!!! Bring it back for multiple season, We the a PEOPLE are BEGGING!!!!

Rex Kaufman says

Great show please bring it bavk

Ney says

I sure hope there is a season 2 . We loved the show!! These guys are crazy but passionate about their job. Love it!!@

Tom daley says

Watch coyote peterson in Brave wilderness on youtube. He's the real OG. This show just copied his ideas.

Joe Sweet says

Oh yeah coyote definitely beats these guys

Caroline says

I actually think they got the idea from Justin Schmidt.

Audel Hernandez says

We need a new season . One of favorite shows to watch

AaronTriplett says

Kings of pain is one of the best series I have ever watched. It's very hard for me to find a show until now. Adam and Rob make this show possible. Please keep it going and going. Thank you.

David says

Phenomenal show. Entertaining and educational. I really really hope they bring it back!! Thanks

Joel says

We want to see more pleas bring S 2 Soon

Ranee says

This show was so unique and exciting. I can imagine the difficulties incurred for the ability to travel to locations because of the pandemic, but can we get this show started again? The stars were great and the show was so intriguing.

Jason crowley says

Just binge watched it twice great programme can’t wait for the book think they could beach out the next seasons by separating the pain lines in sea and water creatures , insect world and land animals and amphibians. Adam and caveman have dynamic chemistry to make this a classic

Amanda says

Definitely need a season 2. My husband and I watched all of season 1 in 3 nights and we are begging for another season!!

Andrew says

MORE! The best show on television hands down, nothing else like it!

Blair says

Bring back Kin’s of Pain Please!!!!!

Seth Rosellini says

Episode idea for season 3: They should do a Vinagaroon and a camel spider. Vinegaroon's are in the southwest regions of the US so it would be good to educate people on them. Many people think they're poisonous and that they leave a vinegar taste in your mouth if your bitten by one. And then a Camel spider would be great because there's a lot of misconceptions about them as well, people think they chase humans to bite them, but it would also be cool to see what kind of bite they inflict...

Mike says

Since History did the season finale on Saturday at noon, I think there is unfortunately a very good chance that the series will get cancelled from History at least.

Crystal says

Love this show, we watch it with our kids . It is a great way to teach them about different animals

Joe says

These guys are insane, I wish this was a show when I was a kid. 10/10 on keeping you entertained.

james jarrett-orme says

Bring kings of pain season 3 on TV best TV show ever watched season 1&2 amazing.

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