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Homestead Rescue

Homestead Rescue cancelled or renewed? Is Homestead Rescue TV show cancelled or renewed 2023 - 2024? Will Homestead Rescue Season 5 be renewed or cancelled? Homestead Rescue 2023 release dates? 2023 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Homestead Rescue.

homestead rescue

Homestead Rescue Status: Season 5 Renewed June 12th, 2019

Network: Discovery Channel

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About Homestead Rescue TV Show

Today more than ever, people around the country are seeking a simpler life off the grid, away from the stress and pressures of urban life. But successfully homesteading is no easy feat and unfortunately, many find themselves - and their homes - in danger and on the brink of destruction. Thankfully, one family has made it their mission to help these homestead hopefuls bring their dreams back to life. An all-new season of HOMESTEAD RESCUE premieres Thursday, January 2 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. Audiences can also catch a special of HOMESTEAD RESCUE on December 26 at 8pm ahead of the January premiere. In addition, viewers can catch up on all things homesteading as part of Discovery's new OFF THE GRID THURSDAYS featuring the new series, RECLAIMED, at 9pm, and a new season of BUILDING OFF THE GRID at 10pm beginning on January 9. Traveling to some of the most dangerous and isolated areas of the country, expert craftsman and survivalist Marty Raney, his daughter Misty and son Matt, help families to save their homes and new-found way of life from total demise. Each equipped with a unique set of skills and contribution to quirky family dynamics, the Raneys not only teach homesteading hopefuls the tools they need to survive in the wilderness, but also the many different ways the families can create off-the-grid businesses by utilizing all that their properties have to offer. And this season, they're upping the ante and doing more than just showing homesteaders how to save their dream...they're leaving each homestead with a viable way to make money off their resources. From Missouri to Colorado, Alaska to Hawaii, no homestead is too far gone or dream too far-fetched for the Raneys. Whether it's helping a single mom realize her dreams for an off-the-grid organic farm in Alaska or rescuing a family homestead insulated with old car tires and recycled materials before Ohio's notorious storms blow it down, HOMESTEAD RESCUE spotlights the importance of fighting fire with family. The Raneys know better than most that simple living isn't always easy.

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Alan says

Love homestead rescue dont cancel it I've watched every episode and cant wait till the next 1s

david blow says

I like homestead rescue keep it coming

Jean says

Love this program, good clean show. Very entertaining. Please renew this series.

Christine Lewis says

Please please renew this wonderful program ! Interesting subject matter, loving family dynamics and no profanity ect.

Martin,Durby says

Plz bring back Homestead Rescue, a clean family show. Plus you can learn a lot. Thank you!

Kay Carr says

Please bring back Homestead Rescue. It is a great clean show that everyone can learn from.

Irene Solis says

Please bring it back,our family really enjoy this program and look forward to seeing each episode.

Lois Washington says

Plz bring it back. I really love this show.

Wendy says

Please bring them back. Our family loves them & look forward to each & every episode.

Arlene says

A good clean show and much to learn. Love the show, love the family unity and love for others. Hope to see ya in 2021!

David Bugg says

Please bring back homestead rescue it is one of my families favourite shows!

Joann says

PLEASE bring back Homestead Rescue- It is by far one of the best shows on TV!!

Ronald Miller says

Love the show and people, plz bring it back. Good teaching.

Douglas G Young says

Please bring back homestead rescue. It is hard to find a good clean show.

Michelle Walker says

Several of our friends told us about this show. We love it and have learned a lot. Please renew it.

Dalonna says

Really love this show, please continue my whole family love it!!

Dan says

Marty is a little intense . my wife and I are hooked on this show 🤓

Jazzmine Andsager says

Love love love this show

Javier López says

bring the show again, I am from Puerto Rico and soon I will move to the US and I hope to have my homestead, it is educational and they are also things that we should all grow our food

Rita Moore says

Please renew this show me and my husband and our daughter love this show. We have watched every episode more than once and also watched homestead rescue Rainey ranch waiting on this to

Darlene says

This is a great show! We’ve binged watched several times. Love all the teachings from the Ramey’s.

Klaatu says

Cancel Homestead Rescue....replace it with "Raney Ranch"...each of the Ranch episodes were always better than seeing the Raney's help people that did not deserve their help.

Jann says

This is a great show. My family loves it to. It is so educational it seems like something the discovery channel would fight for. Please bring it back:)

Andrew Duckham says

This show is amazing me and my wife love it we need more episodes we love it in England

Andrew Duckham says

This show is amazing me and my wife love it we need more episodes we love it in England

Jennifer Russell says

My family loves this show! Have watched every episode at least 3 times. We have a cabin in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. It is lacking running water and electricity. I have learned a lot of good ideas from the show, unfortunately, I have become disabled and can't finish my dream project. Please don't cancel this wonderful series. I hope to learn more and enjoy watching this program.

Tracy says

Renew homestead rescue one of the best shows on TV

Becky Keen says

Please renew! We learn so many new things and look forward to it each week!

Frank Panion says

My wife and love this show . Better then all that garbhe on the other channels. Please kee it going

Kiki says

Please please renew homestead rescue

Pam says

My husband and I Love Homestead Rescue! Please do not cancel. We really enjoy watching and have watched every season and every episode. Keep it coming back every year. We know there's many people out there that could use their help and in return we can watch the Ranys do their thing.

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