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Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark cancelled or renewed? Is Home Before Dark TV show cancelled or renewed 2024 - 2025? Will Home Before Dark Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? Home Before Dark 2024 release dates? 2024 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Home Before Dark.


Home Before Dark Status: Season 2 Renewed June 11th, 2021

Network: Apple TV+

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About Home Before Dark TV Show

Home Before Dark, a TV show featured on Apple TV, is a show that will keep you glued to the sofa! For those in the dark on what this program is about, well, this series covers the life of a girl who had to migrate from Brooklyn to an old town in search of her father. While there, she uncovers a crime that the villagers and her father have desperately tried to hide.

Cast of the Show

The show features some good actors like Brooklynn Prince, Michael Weston, Aziza Scott, Jibrail Nantambu, Deric McCabe, and others. Together, they work endlessly to create magic on our screens. This drama series was created by Dana Fox and Dara Resnik.

The Plot

Home before Dark, according to the producers, draws its inspiration from real experiences of individuals, while there is some element of fiction in the storyline, it is very minimal. Hilde moves from Brooklyn to New York in search of her father in a village he once lived, as she spends some time there, she realizes something amiss in the village. Armed with her knowledge of journalism, she begins to make some discoveries that eventually lead her to the truth.

Sometime back, a young boy went missing from the village, everyone presumed he was dead, even though his body was never found, nevertheless, they decided to keep this a big secret. Hilda vowed to herself that she must unravel the mystery surrounding his death. Well, she did, and it was quite a relief to find out that the boy (Richie) was alive and living happily with his father, called Arthur Conway

Episodes of the Show

The drama has had an impressive showing, with 20 episodes in total. This is divided into ten in season 1, and ten in season 2. It was released on April 3, 2020. Apple TV has exclusive rights to this series.

Reviews from Fans of the show

The overall rating of the show is good. The fans have primarily good things to say about it, with only a small fraction of the audience having something negative to say about the show. One fan claimed that while the mystery the show tried to weave was interesting, she observed that it was sometimes too predictable and took away the element of surprise from the show.

A fan named Timothy A said he loved the show and that he loved the web that the writers created throughout the drama series.

Will Home before Dark have a Season 3?

When season 2 of the show ended, fans were left in suspense as to the possibility of having a season 3. Apple TV have yet to say anything to assuage the worries of the fans. However, no need to worry. This is very common and is regarded as standard procedure, networks prefer to remain quiet while negotiations for new seasons take place, they usually announce directly to the media once an agreement for a new season is reached. We’ll let you know as soon as that happens!

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Linda says

I can’t wait for season 3. This is the best show 😍 I pray they renew it🙏🏻

Joyce Preibisch says

My family loves this show!! It is an instant watch!! Please keep it coming!!

Joyce Preibisch says

My family loves this show!! It is an instant watch!! Please keep it coming!!

Blyo says

Please move forward with season 3, the show is so fresh and intriguing with great acting and story telling!!

Troy Frazier Sr. says

Please renew this series. There isn't much I watch on television but this show is the BEST I've seen in quite sometime. I really hope to get the opportunity to watch a Season 3 and perhaps even more to come.

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