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#FreeRayshawn cancelled or renewed? Is #FreeRayshawn TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will #FreeRayshawn Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? #FreeRayshawn 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on #FreeRayshawn.


#FreeRayshawn Status: Season 2

Network: Quibi

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About #FreeRayshawn TV Show

#FreeRayshawn is one of the most emotional and powerful TV series you can watch on Quibi. Even though the story is fictionalized, it is based on real-life scenarios, including racial profiling that has taken the lives of many individuals. In other words, #FreeRayshawn is a great TV show to watch as it spreads awareness on different issues happening in the real world.


This show has the most realistic plots. #FreeRayshawn is a TV series that provides you with additional insights about one of the main issues in the world, which is racial profiling. #FreeRayshawn is a TV series on Quibi that discusses the life of Rayshawn, a character played by Stephan James.

The New Orleans police set up this young, Black Iraq War veteran as a drug dealer. To protect his life and his daughter and wife, Rayshawn runs to his apartment despite being surrounded by the SWAT teams and Orleans PD.

As the tension between Rayshawn and the police officers, Steven Poincy, who is played by Laurence Fishburne, entered the play and convinced Rayshawn to surrender to avoid brutality. This series offers 15 episodes. Each episode brings viewers a clearer view of why the New Orleans police set up Rayshawn.

The series also shows Poincy as a dedicated police officer. Lieutenant Poincy is a lone cop who wants to encourage Rayshawn to calmly surrender to prevent being killed by the cops surrounding his building.

From start to finish, Lieutenant Poincy played an important role in the life of Rayshawn. You can see that Rayshawn has his reasons why Poincy is the only cop he wants to talk to at that time, and that reason goes beyond their skin tone.

Poincy plays a sympathetic cop who calmly communicated with Rayshawn. He is different from the other cops in the show, who think violence and human force are the only way to get Rayshawn out of his apartment.

The main reason why New Orleans set up Rayshawn was because of his race. From the start, this young war veteran has been shot, set up, and treated like an animal, even though Rayshawn has nothing to do with the death of a police officer, he has faced all the odds. This kind of treatment happens to anyone who is being racially profiled. Seeing how Rayshawn didn’t receive an equal opportunity to defend himself is powerful enough to send a message that not everyone gets fair treatment.

Since Rayshawn knows that there’s no chance he will receive fair treatment from the police, he documented all the events inside his apartment through social media. His viewers and followers are witnesses of how dedicated Poincy is to saving the life of Rayshawn.

The heartbreaking scene of this show is when Rayshawn is killed by a bullet that comes from the sniper’s gun. The final scene of this series will touch everyone’s heart as it shows how many people experienced the same tragedy as Rayshawn.


#FreeRayshawn is one of the best series offered by Quibi. It is a fictionalized story that discusses the real-life situations of many experiencing racial profiling.

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Cheryl LEWIS says

They need to see the truth and all the cops involved need to be punished

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