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Frayed cancelled or renewed? Is Frayed TV show cancelled or renewed 2024 - 2025? Will Frayed Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? Frayed 2024 release dates? 2024 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Frayed.


Frayed Status: Season 2 Renewed November 4th, 2021

Network: Sky 1

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About Frayed TV Show

Set in 1989, this comedy follows the journey of Sammy Cooper, a fabulously wealthy London housewife who is forced to return to her hometown in Newcastle, Australia. In coming home, Sammy must revisit her past and the events that led her to flee as a teenager years ago. Frayed stars Creator, Writer and Producer Sarah Kendall. Clelia Mountford, Sharon Horgan, Kevin Whyte, Morwenna Gordon, Rick Kalowski and Que Minh Luu serve as executive producers. Frayed is a Merman production in association with Guesswork Television for ABC (Australia) and Sky (UK) in association with Create NSW. The series is distributed by NBCUniversal Global Distribution on behalf of Sky Studios.

Frayed Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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A Konak says

I loved the raw sarcasm!! I haven’t laughed this hard since watching white chicks!!! Please hurry! I’m impatiently awaiting season 3!!!!

Nicki says

I love this show! It is hysterical!

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