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Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER

Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER cancelled or renewed? Is Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER TV show cancelled or renewed 2024 - 2025? Will Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER Season 10 be renewed or cancelled? Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER 2024 release dates? 2024 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER.


Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER Status: Season 10

Network: Nat Geo WILD

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About Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER TV Show

The Dr K’s Exotic Animal ER show is a popular television series that enjoys wide viewing by the American audience. Its launch was on the 4th of October, 2014. Its host, Dr. Susan Keller, and the staff of the renowned Broward Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital that is located in Florida at the Deerfield Beach battle endlessly to save the lives of endangered pets.

The Cast

The cast of this show consists of Dr. Susan Keller, who is the main actor, Lauren Thielen, a co-Doctor and Josh Goodman and Art Edmonds, who are both narrators on the show. The different episodes of the show were produced by 50 different producers. The show is Directed by Guy Nickerson and the music credit goes to five different composers. They all composed music for different episodes of the show, and the show features a total of 18 songs by Oliver Spencer.

The sequence of the Show

Just like most shows, you must have observed the sequence the show follows, through the episodes, Dr. K and her group of Veterinarians are seen saving a group of injured animals. In season 1, titled the “Bunny Nose Job”, you can see Dr. K performing surgery on an injured rabbit. On other occasions, she also performs successful surgery on a prairie dog and, surprisingly, even a parrot.

In subsequent episodes, Dr. K can be seen assisting a distressed tortoise that was unable to lay her eggs. She is for the most part successful in easing the pain of these animals. Sometimes, however, other veterinarians are allowed to see the animals. An example of this is when Dr. Thielen was allowed in Episode 4 titled “leave it to Lemur” to attend to the patients at the Animal Hospital. This, however, rarely happens and only occurred due to the fact that Dr. K was away for a conference.

Is Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER still Streaming on Disney?

Sadly, the answer to this question is no. For reasons best known to the organizers of the Disney channel, the show no longer streams on the channel. Not only that, but they also went a step further, in removing all eight episodes that previously aired on the channel. Will the ban continue into the future? This is hard to say, so for now, if you are a lover of Dr. K’s exotic show, you can stream and view it on the Nat Geo Wild Life Channel.

What some of the Viewers have to say about the Show

If you take a look at the ratings and reviews that this show has gathered over time, you will find some very interesting reviews by fans of the show. Most are 5-star ratings, which shows a high level of satisfaction from viewers. But more important than the ratings are the glowing words that her fans have used to describe the show. For one, they said the show is very educational and entertaining and it has taught them to take good care of their pets. Most importantly, it led them to rapidly identify when their pets are sick and need a veterinarian’s attention.

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Elizabeth Stead says

This show is so much better than the one that has been on TV for 17 years an he doesn't even wash his hands. Please keep this show on, it is fantastic

Ruth Smith says

I don't watch much TV but when it comes to Dr K's Vet show I can hardly wait for it to be on each week. She has such a diversity of animals she cares for and her personality and dedication to her career is just so commendable. Please PLEASE don't cancel her show it is the best Vet show by far on TV!! I love her and her great staff!

Ray Herman says

Please don't cancel. This program is so much better than some of the other veterinary programs available to us. I never missed an episode. Thank you

Mary Lewis says

Oh my gosh please please do NOT cancel I love this show??????

Karen Redden says

Please don't cancel, we prefer watching Dr. K than most other tv shows. We really enjoy watching.

Penny Wakun says

Please don't cancel this show! I love Dr. K! I love the way she treats animals, no matter what species they are!

Lindarae LaRocca says

Please do not cancel dr k’s animal show! It’s the best show on tv!

Veronica Starr Defalco says

Dr. K is a fantastic show! I always look forward to every story and it’s very educational brings you into a world we would never be a part of otherwise thank you so much please keep the show going!

Lisa says

Please keep Dr. K’s exotic ER on! It’s variety of animals and Dr. K and her crew are so empathetic to help any animal no matter the injury. I’ve watched to other show that has been on TV for 18 yrs or so with “thousands of clients” and I’m so tired of watching cattle births and showing the abscess as the contents of the wound or draining out. So please keep Dr. K’s show on as it is such breath of fresh air!

Michele Finley says

Love Love Love this show! Please Please Please don't cancel!

Janet Jones says

Please do not cancel Dr K’s show...It’s the best! 5 stars , please, please, please put it back on and never take it off.

Debbie DiLoreto says

Please renew Dr. K! We love her show! Thanks!

Debbie DiLoreto says

Please renew Dr. K! We love her show! Thanks!

Kandis Haynes says

Please don't cancel this show love Dr K btw how can I stay up to date on if it gets renewed or not for 10th season

Beverly Bolen says

Please do not cancel Dr K. I love the diversity of animals.

Hanici says

I can’t wait for her shows to pop up . She is an amazing vet , very knowledgeable and teaches us pet owners a lot! Please remove the German Vet episodes and give us more of her and her lovely team.!

Angel 😇 Meeks, says

Please keep her, we as animals lover need her input on our pets. God loves her and so do we. Please please please. Thanks

Carol A Meade says

Hoping that Dr K will return for another season soon. Professional, educational and fiiled with compassion, caring and concern. One of, if not THE best, vet shows on NGW or any other channel!!

Barb says

Love this show. I've been wating for it to come on. What's the hold up. Please do not cancel.

Marlene Kudia says

Please do not cancel Dr K. So refreshing to watch her take care of so many different animals. Very educational program.

Kelly says

I have learned so much from this show. Please don't cancel it. It a good quality, family friendly, educational show. We need more of Dr. K not less!!

Mary Romanek says

PLEASE don't cancel this show! It's the best vet show, due to the deep caring of the staff, how informative it is, and the variety of the clients. I am so sick of Dr.Poll reruns I could scream! Dr.K is far better! PLEASE renew it!

Susan Menaker says

Please DO NOT CANCEL DR K!!!! I never miss Dr K’s show. One of only 2 tv shows that I have set up on my phone to reminded me to watch. Can’t stand Dr Pol, something about how he handles animals I do not like. Dr K has a fantastic way with the many very different animals she cares for. Every one of her staff is amazing! I want more Dr K’s Exotic Animal ER!!!!!

Ed Nieb says

I have been looking looking looking for a new season of Dr. K episodes. Where is it??? There is a real,void when it comes to quality shows. This one helps to fill it.

Carol Polk says

I like Dr AJ’s show even though several family members don’t like it or her at all. Still wondering about all the controversy with Dr. T leaving & the male Vet Tech who had quite a few comments regarding her practice and her behavior. But I don’t like all the stupid comments above!! Leave other Veterinarians on tv ALONE!! If you don’t like their show, don’t watch it. It isn’t about one Vet or another. It is about how much viewership each show has. And to the dipstick Elizabeth Stead above - you DO realize they edit the show for tv….. they don’t show you everything that happens in an appointment. If the Veterinarian you are smearing wasn’t doing things appropriately - then he wouldn’t have such a following or still be on tv. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Elaine Lyon says

I have watched Dr. K for.a few years and love the way both her and her staff work together as a team. So professional. Please don’t cancel the show.I It is such a pleasure to watch such a wonderful program that is both entertaining and also teaches us things about being a veterinarian. Again PLEASE do not cancel this fabulous program.

Sue says

I love this show! Every time I turn on TV I check to see if it is on I would even be happy to see some reruns. That was my favorite vet show, and I enjoyed all the exotic animals and compassion Dr. K and her staff had. Please don’t cancel and bring it back for TV and join it not only for myself but for others as well

Becky Terrell says

This is one of the two best vet shows on TV (Dr. Jeff being the other). I cannot believe you would think of canceling this show and keep some of the other shows, that are of such a lower quality content. Please keep it on the air!

Becky Terrell says

This is one of the two best vet shows on TV (Dr. Jeff being the other). I cannot believe you would think of canceling this show and keep some of the other shows, that are of such a lower quality content. Please keep it on the air!

Mary Romanek says

Carol Polk- the point is that they run endless streams of Dr.Pol and he is way over-rated and promoted, while the much better Dr.K is left in limbo. There should not be vets on tv that manhandle small pets or teach wrong information, as Dr.Pol has. Weeks of his show, which I do not watch, take up so much airtime that Dr.K could have!

Linda says

I absolutely love the show I have seen all the seasons more than five times please do not cancel the show it means so much! It is not only a great show it’s extremely educational and it always brings a smile to my day please do NOT cancel this show please!

Linda Roberts says

Please put Dr K back on your line up, I really miss it and use to watch it all the time. I am watching a rerun now and truly realized how much I missed seeing it. I live in Florida and we have a lot of exotic pets here

MK says

I love Dr. K' show. I just love when she gives kisses to them like they are her own. This is My first best vet show. I have another one I like too but I will keep that to myself. Please Don't cancel Dr K, she's terrific.

Hope W says

Please renew Dr K. This is such a good show for the whole family. We always look forward to her show.

Maria bonfiglio says

I love this show but please don't rank down on Dr Pol he has been a vet for over 45 years and he always tries to save people's pets so be kind or say nothing

MJ Duynslager says

I will only watch the Dr K vet shows and can't find when it starts up again! The rest and not worth the time especially Pol. Please please please start it soon.

Hanici Bredenkamp says

Please do not cancel dr K. The showSo worth watching. Please cancel dr Pol! He is scary and not a good vet.

Kat K says

Please please please continue Dr. K’s show and please don’t cancel the show. I love Dr. K and he colorful fun staff. I truly look forward to every show and have watched the old show’s multiple times. Her show is not only wonderful but also educational. I have learned so much from her. I won’t mention the other Vet show , who keeps getting renewed, where the vet is crude, unprofessional, cruel, opens animals without gloves, and gives up on animals (which Dr. K never does). Dr. K is amazing, kind, fights to save the animals, always treats animals professionally including protecting them by wearing the proper medical equipment in surgery. I can go on and on. It would make us fans happy with more shows to come. Thank you for reading my message.

Marla says

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL!! This show is so good! You can watch over and over and not get tired of it! Everyone on the show are great!!

H Warnock says

This is a great show. Please renew and keep this wonderful show. It’s very educational and my grand daughter loves it.

Brittany says

I absolutely LOVE Dr. K! Definitely one of the best vet shows on tv. She treats every patient with kindness & love. Please do not ever cancel this show. We need more seasons of Dr. K!!! 💙💙

Lori says

Ok so I’m a big fan of the show & have watched every episode, but the people above watching each episode 5 times! Do you have a life?

Susan Scaccia says

Please please please bring back this program. It is the most enjoyable and informative show it has ever been on TV. I love the characters in the wonderful care that they receive by Dr. K and her assistants. Anxiously waiting.🐶🦊🐵🐰🦅🦉🦎🐢🐟🐐🦙🐈 no🦜🦔

Susan Scaccia says

I love this show!!! Watched it all the time, even the reruns. Please please please bring it back.

Jackie owens says

I Love this show, I will watch Dr k before I watch anything. Please don’t cancel this show. You learn so much from watching this show, she and her are so caring , professional and kind.

Monty Basile says

Dr. Pol is an intuitive vet. I like the way he treats the small pets and the little kids. I get uncomfortable when he goes up inside of a cow but that’s part of his job because it’s a dairy area I’m a late fan of Dr Pol. Too many reruns, but I judge all the other vets by his teaching. I love Dr. Kay and Dr. Jeff as well. I’m even getting attached to the Critter Fixers. Watching the Pol Farm being built is a hoot!

Sue Scaccia says

Much my surprise I believe it was last Tuesday or Wednesday evening in New York State,I always check Nat Geo wild for Dr. K. Much to my surprise she was on that evening and the following morning I was so thrilled I thought that they were at least going to show her reruns, but that never happened, but let me tell you I enjoyed every minute of it please please please bring that back. I love, Dr. K.

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