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#blackAF cancelled or renewed? Is #blackAF TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will #blackAF Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? #blackAF 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on #blackAF.


#blackAF Status: Season 2 Renewed SUMMER 2021

Network: Netflix

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About #blackAF TV Show

Netflix offers a plethora of TV shows that give viewers a clear moral lesson, unfortunately, that is not the case with #blackAF. This is a TV show released on Netflix that seems like it has something to say about a family that the show has not been able to deliver clearly.

One of the best-viewed TV shows on Netflix is the #blackAF, the main character of this meta-sitcom is none other than Kenya Barris, who is a TV producer and writer. He plays the role of Kenya Barris, who is a professional television producer and writer.

This meta-sitcom TV show is no different from other video content streamed on Netflix. For the past decades, actors and actresses you mostly see in the movies have been playing their fictionalized versions. Despite that, these movies have received lots of acknowledgments.

This TV show follows the lives of each member of the Barris family, the show is directed by Iman Benson as a requirement for her film application in school, for this reason, this meta-sitcom has experienced an identity crisis. If its main goal is to give entertainment to its viewers, we can sadly say that it is not successful. Aside from an occasional one-liner, some of its viewers claim that the sitcom is quite tedious to watch and not funny at all.

Even though the show is considered to be a comedy series and most of its characters receive enough screen time, #blackAF is still recognized as Barris’ show and viewers noticed how Barris’ point of view and presence have dominated the show. Beyond that, the main actor also did not receive enough time to read and practice his script, which caused him to be in a state of exasperation. With that, the show, which is supposed to be funny and clever by making lengthy observations about family, money, gender, race, and more, turned out to be exhausting.

Compared to other Hollywood series prepared by Kenya Barris, the #blackAF is considered to be widely different. The synopsis of the show is all about how the Barris’ family navigate culture, race, and relationships as they grapple with their most recent success in this TV show.

The show is purely a fictionalized version of the real home life of Barris and his six children, with that, the series is different from other wholesome TV shows that he produced previously.

The casts of the #blackAF TV show include Kenya Barris, who played Kenya Barris and Rashida Jones, who is known for being one of the Parks and Recreation stars, played Joya Barris, Kenya’s wife. Brooklyn Barris is played by Richard Gardenhire Jr., while the role of the cute Kam Barris is played by Ravi Cabo-Conyers. Chloe Barris is played by Genneya Walton and Iman Benson, played the character of Drea Barris. The show also gives some short screen time for Lena Waithe, Ava DuVeray, Issa Rae, and Tyler Perry.


If you are looking for a TV series produced by Kanye Barris, you may consider watching his #blackAF and you can view this TV show on Netflix.

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