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All the Queens Men

All the Queens Men cancelled or renewed? Is All the Queens Men TV show cancelled or renewed 2024 - 2025? Will All the Queens Men Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? All the Queens Men 2024 release dates? 2024 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on All the Queens Men.

All the Queens Men

All the Queens Men Status: Season 2 Renewed July 14th, 2022

Network: BET Plus

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About All the Queens Men TV Show

All the Queens Men

BET+ Original | All The Queens Men Season 2

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Shelia Wilson-Carswell says

I Love, Love, and Super Love this show “All The Queens Men” and I look forward to watching it again, so I’m Hoping and Praying there’s a season 3,4,5,6,etc….LOL

Rocky says

I LOOOVE this show. Please let there be a season 3 and a 4th and a 5th and so on. I got some friends started on it. They mad cause there’s no season 3 😂

Lalisia says

I loved season 1/2, please let it be a season 3. I am so ready to see what happens next. Tyler Perry let’s renew this show. Thanks

Ebony Hill says

I sure hope it gets renewed for season 3

Tyyee Hull says

Great show would continue to watch

Malaka says

I really hope their is a season 3. It can't end like this???

Drica says

I love season 1 and season 2 please please please give us a season 3, 4 and 5 at least this show is good

Nkenzy says

Tyler, please don't shut my enjoyment so please let season 3 flow follow by 4,5,6,7...

Tee says

Please Mr Tyler let they’re be an season 3 or4 at least this is one of the best series that I have watched this far keep doing what you doing to keep us entertained you are an bad Man I need to know if Amp and Madame are going to sit down and talk

Eileen says

I am soooo hooked on this show ALL the characters are awesome and playing the he(double hockey stick) out of their part. EVA girrrrrrl you are a sensitive bad mama Jamma. And nephew Amp, l am glad to see you can hold your own. The Oscar’s should be taking notes and ready to call out some of these names. Tyler Perry please keep this show going. And BabyFace give that boy his money and car back. Whew I know that was a lot but I am here for it !!!!!!

Mimi says

Love the show. Please don’t leave me hanging I need more seasons asap.

Deanna says

I look forward to seeing all the queens men. I cut it on and there is still episode 10 on season 2. What is going on? I know it’s not over. My nerves just got shot. Lord have mercy.

Yana says

season three us please!

Bee says

I love every episode of All the Queens men, great people, talent extremely entertaining. This series should continue for many seasons. This mid season finale has me anxious to see the next

Tamika Redding says

Please im like jodeci I'm feening. I was up waiting on the new episode. Love the show

Getina Wealthy Bailey says

Absolutely love this show. My husband and I are always anxious to see the next episode Please bring it back

Bobbie wright says

I love all the queens man please let there be a season 3 Tyler Perry is the bomb!!!! And all his shows movies he produces is amazing

Mauline Bailey says

All the Queens is an interesting series with a Alpha female in the driver's seat. I admire the respect and fear the lead character Madam instills in everyone. I hope Christian Keyes continues in the upcoming seasons and tames the lioness Madam. I wish the show continued success and look forward to multiple seasons to come.

Deanna says

Is there going to be a season 3

Janis Pressley says

All the Queens Men is my favorite show! Please keep it on!!!!

Catherine says

I love this show all the queens men best show thus far …. I hope the baby is ok I can’t believe that and I hope madam and amp talk and dime and amp

Deanna says

Is there going to be a season 3

Allie says

I love this show I hope there is a season 3 or I will probably cancel my BET plus subscription

Natasha says

I love this show let’s keep this show running with 20 seasons

FeeNelson says

Logged on to watch Season 3 and heartbreak is real. When will the new season start? I usually don't watch tv, but this has my attention!!!

Jada says

Y’all have to renew the series for season 3 this is one of the best shows out right now. BET plus will lose so many watchers if y’all cancel this show. So please don’t do that, it’s too good to be cancelled

Apryl says

Please continue with the show

Sylvia Potts says

I love this show, and I'm hoping Mr Perry will give us the opportunity to continue to enjoy this show. I enjoy all the actors and actress and I hope season 3 will return soon

Trudi says

I’ve been hooked since the very first show Christian and Tyler have done fantastic job. Can’t wait for next season episode 11 —- . Madam and Rafael relationship has to excel. Damn those two together can do a lot of damage. Please do not disappoint.

Hollywood says

Love this show Iam hooked Eva is absolutely fantastic in this part. I have been watching her since america net top model. Bring it back please.

star carlisle says

There has to be a season 3. This show caught me off guard and it was so good. I need a season 3 its a must.

Kenya Rose says

Please!!!!! Keep it going love the show I have a lot of ppl watch and got hook!

Chrissy says

I’m waiting for Season 3… Both previous seasons were great. Had me wanting to see more and more. Please be ever so kind and send a few more seasons our way. I have so many questions! What’s gonna happen with Madame sister? Is she working with Christian Keys character? Will Madam’s father ever hit the street again? Have Madame made a new enemy with her nephew? Did Teresa and the baby die? Is Doc the Father??

Marcya says

Please renew the show I really love this show

Uvette Douglas says

There is a season 3 when I don't know,but I'm pretty sure it will be just as fire as #1&#2

Cawona Perry says

Mr Tyler Perry and Mr. Christian Keys please do not cancel this show it's really the only show I will watch please please

Cynthia says

I am in love with this SHOW! Please don’t cancel it!! I hope that we get a session 3 and more!!

Cynthia Jefferson says

Please renew this show. All the Queen's Men is Hot🔥🔥🔥 I got every family member and friend just about everybody I know on this show and....they LOVING IT!!!!!!!!

Janail Kelly says

I loveee this show please don’t cancel it I be looking forward to seeing new episodes every Thursday

Jo says

Yes please Season 3-6 for starters.

Melanie Paige says

I love the show ,I love that Tyler Perry creates some really awesome shows to watch before and after the pandemic gave me something to enjoy. Man I can appreciate a good book or a TV show. Dam Tyler don't stop keep em coming..

Beverly Jenkins says

All the Queens Men is a great show, realistic, fresh, so much action, storyline that's real.

Marquita says

Please let the season's continued! Love this show. She a Big Bad Ass!

Cynthia says

My family and friends love this show. We love Blue, Madame, Tommy, Amp and Diamond. Along with the dancers. Please renew season 3. The drama and rage of the show is exciting. Continue to bring shows like this to television.

Hope says

I can’t get enough of this show it’s addictive, exciting, and lots of drama. I love all of the characters so let there be a season 3, 4, 5 etc. We need more!

Getina Bailey says

Omg PLEASE Please Please let ther be another 3 , 4,5, season. My husband 1 absolutely love this show

Paula Sampson says

Please renew All the Queens Men it is a really good show Eva and all of the actors are great, love the show so much.

Adrienne Hockenhull says

There should be a smooth season 3 of Queens of allmens, this is one of Tyler Perry best television shows. Mr. Perry please bring out a season 3 Queen of all men

Jo Jo says

This show is the ONLY reason I purchased the BET app 😩😤. If it is not renewed, I guess I’ll cancel 🤷🏽‍♀️. Nothing else on there interests me as much.

Jazzy B says

I'm sleeping typing this. I had to be up at 6am for work but Madame and the Men of Eden would not allow me to go to bed on last night. I really enjoyed Season 1 and 2!!!! Tyler Perry please please make more seasons. I thank my BFF for hooking me up on this show.

Jazzy B says

I'm sleeping typing this. I had to be up at 6am for work but Madame and the Men of Eden would not allow me to go to bed on last night. I really enjoyed Season 1 and 2!!!! Tyler Perry please please make more seasons. I thank my BFF for hooking me up on this show.

Mark says

Come on knock it off you gotta bring back this show. The Madam and her cast are great

Nikki says

Don’t cancel please!!! Eva is in rare form honey and I LOOOVVEEE it.

Nikki says

Don’t cancel please!!! Eva is in rare form honey and I LOOOVVEEE it.

Ann says

Please please 🥺 reward Ss3 ... waiting for it is driving me crazy

Keke says

Season 3 need to come to life madam said so lol I love the show please we need more of madam season 3-10 I don’t care how many episodes you bring out of All Queen Men I literally will watch it all & even play episodes back

Vickie Harrison says

I love this show and I can’t wait till season3

Loretta says

PLEASE RENEW THIS SERIES! My family and I eagerly wait for Thursdays new episodes. SEASON 3 PLEASE

Carlene P says

Please don’t cancel this show it’s too good

Ebony says

It's new episodes on bet plus app for the heads up guys!!

Cherice Mitchell says

This is one of Tyler Perry's best productions. I LOVE, Love, Absolutely LOVE this show. Madam is that b*tch. The show is entertaining and keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire 50 minutes. Please Renew for season 3 😊

SKH says

Please do not cancel this show it is the best thing out and the reason I purchased BET, not to mention all cast members are great and EVA is off the charts along with theory of the show . Need season 3 and 4

Tasha says

Best show on tv and season 2 has 20 episodes everyone! 👍🏽👍🏽

Barbara Nolley says

This has been one of the best shows ever! My daughter and I kept waiting on the next episode and there was not another until I just read that episode 20 is the last one. Too many untied ends to leave us hanging! Please renew the show. We miss it!!!

Roy E Roberts Jr says

III LLLooovvveee All Queen Men's Please 🙏🙏🙏 Let It Be A Season 3,4,5,6,7 etc Please Their Are A Lot Of People Waiting For The Next Seasoning To Come Back On Please Hurry Up And Bring It Back On Please We All Are Waiting Patiently For It To Come Back On.💯💙❤💯🧡💯💛💯💚💯💙💯💜💯🤎💯🤍💯💘💯💝💯💖💯💗💯💓💯💞💯💕💯💟💯💌💯

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