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19-2 cancelled or renewed? Is 19-2 TV show cancelled or renewed 2021 - 2022? Will 19-2 Season be renewed or cancelled? 19-2 2021 release dates? 2021 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 19-2.

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About 19-2 TV Show

Season 3 of 19-2 sees a fragmented squad reeling from the revelation that Sergeant Julien Houle (CSA nominee Conrad Pla), once the glue that held them together, was a pedophile and a mole for organized crime. As Commander Gendron (CSA nominee Bruce Ramsay) scrambles to save his own career in the wake of this blight on the force, the patrollers strengthen their bond to help them through this shocking news. Meanwhile, Nick, still rocked by guilt over his involvement in a murder, seeks closure by trying to find out what happened to his missing cousin Kaz. Ben finds love and happiness with Nick’s sister, Amelie, but struggles with the family he thought he’d left behind.

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