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12 Deadly Days

12 Deadly Days cancelled or renewed? Is 12 Deadly Days TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will 12 Deadly Days Season be renewed or cancelled? 12 Deadly Days 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 12 Deadly Days.

12 Deadly Days
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About 12 Deadly Days TV Show

TV Show 12 Deadly Days is a mini-series on YouTube that focuses on a frightening and scary holiday in a Southern Californian city. During the twelve days leading to the holiday, different citizens residing in the fictional municipality of Saturn, CA, are faced with annoying paranormal activity, ranging from spiteful ghosts and flesh-eating vampires to witches and murderous Christmas carolers. The closer to Christmas Eve they get, the more peculiar the experiences will be.

The twelve fun episodes of this horror-comedy series provide lots of horrifying, unexpected twists and turns. Every episode provides its own exceptional narrative; however, they are all connected somehow. To boost the fun and excitement, it has a diverse cast that takes account of TV and movie actors, such as Betty Gabriel, star of The Purge: Election Year, Douglas Smith of Big Loves and Anna Akana and Meghan Rienks, two of the most popular stars of YouTube.

Watching the TV Show 12 Deadly Days on YouTube is not the most traditional way to get into the holiday spirit, nonetheless, it is well-written and well-produced as well as very entertaining. You do not need to wait until Christmas Eve to take pleasure in it, either. If you want a good story that combines merry-making with horror and humor, you will not be disappointed.

A lot of the TV Show 12 Deadly Days on YouTube episodes end with new cast members who lead into the following episode, with every episode taking a twist on a common Christmas theme. There are some good episodes; however, the connective tissue isn't that amazing.

The first episode of the TV Show 12 Deadly Days on YouTube is a dud take on Christmas carol, it is totally expected, and nothing is special. The 2nd episode is a weak killer spirit horror. In this series, it does not get creepy, but sometimes it is a fun dark mocking comedy.  The 3rd episode is the first episode to have some fun, while the 4th one has a fun but surreal basic idea, however, the actors are not able to carry it through. The 5th episode is the most excellent with a side-splitting concept, the 7th is a silly office party killer spoof with the best actors, while the 8th is even better. The 9th episode has a better great elevator pitch than real execution and the 10th episode has a maddening YouTube kid, which for me, is the worst.

Every parent has to know that this series is all about a horrifying winter Christmas season in California and following in the Christmas horror tradition, it's got lots of frightening images and bloody violence.  There are some sexual moments, however, most of the concentration is on being scary instead of sexy.

Profanity takes account of some rough words and binge drinking, with products such as Red Bull and Ford trucks partially visible or referenced. Teen horror fanatics will be drawn to this scary series; however, it is too intense for sensitive and young viewers.

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