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12 Dates of Christmas

12 Dates of Christmas cancelled or renewed? Is 12 Dates of Christmas TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? 12 Dates of Christmas 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 12 Dates of Christmas.

12 dates of christmas

12 Dates of Christmas Status: Season 2 Renewed PENDING

Network: HBO Max

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About 12 Dates of Christmas TV Show

The TV Show 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max is a Christmas-themed reality web TV series on love and dating. This amazing show follows three singles as well as those looking for love. The singles will meet new possible partners and go on the twelve dates stated in the title to finally find someone well-suited and bring them home to their loved ones during the holiday.

This is a very appealing and exciting TV series and the 1st episode was released last year on the same streaming platform. The person behind these amazing TV shows is Michael Beilinson, with the help of Sam Dean, who acted as the showrunner. Even if being relatively common amongst the fans, these reality TV shows hold a high rating on IMDb at this point.

Two episodes of the TV Show 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max have been released and viewers have already met the three stars, Dannay Escalante, Markelle Smith, and Amanda Grace Jenkins, who are searching for an ideal partner to bring home over the Christmas season and meet their loved ones. The three stars escape to a winter wonderland to look for a date.

Amanda Grace Jenkins likes a naughty girl, while Markelle is looking for the one with whom he is able to feel the spark and the magic, Danny is looking for a partner to settle down with. The three leads will undergo 12 dates with the possible partners and pick one to bring home. The TV Show 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max has taken its motivation from the holiday rom-com. The good thing about this TV series is that the production isn’t shying away from the spice of diversity.

TV Show 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max premiered on the HBO Max streaming platform on the 25th of November, 2021. The show promised drama as searching for love for the three wouldn’t be simple and easy, hopefully they will find their ideal someone. 

Their perfect or future partner needs to be special to bring home for the Christmas season and meet the stars families or loved ones. This show also promised romance as well as many surprises, aside from drama. 

The TV Show, 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max season 2, will follow stars Jenkins, previously a hairstylist and a lesbian, Markelle, a dentist, as well as Danny, a software engineer and specialist. All three leads are searching for the ideal partner. Natasha Rothwell narrates the show, while Sam Dean is the runner. 


The lesson behind this series is that Love is a battlefield, and in the search for romance and love, people will often do or say anything. In the TV Show 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max, there are lots of liars and it is very hard, at first, to tell the liars from the truth-tellers, as everyone is acting like their own press agent. Therefore, you need to be very careful and aware of this when watching.

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