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$100,000 Pyramid

$100,000 Pyramid cancelled or renewed? Is $100,000 Pyramid TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will $100,000 Pyramid Season 5 be renewed or cancelled? $100,000 Pyramid 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on $100,000 Pyramid.

$100,000 Pyramid

$100,000 Pyramid Status: Season 5 Renewed May 26th, 2021

Network: ABC

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About $100,000 Pyramid TV Show

Do you like watching real-life game shows? If the answer is yes, ABC offers you the $100,000 Pyramid. It is a game show anchored by Michael Strahan. This game show requires one celebrity to play with a contestant. Both of them need to work as one to take home the 100,000 US Dollars cash prize.

In the fifth season of this reality game show, some of the celebrities who take on the challenge include Bridget Everett, Joe Tessitore, Laura Benanti, Mario Cantone, Gilbert Godfried, and a lot more. The show has been airing for several years. With that in mind, it gained more than 3.94 million viewers around the world.

Considering the number of viewers, we can say that this game show is performing well. Most of its viewers claimed that the $100,000 Pyramid is way better than other game shows launched on ABC. The show involves various economic factors. Typically, the lower-rated series is being canceled while the higher-rated ones are renewed.

With its years in the industry, the $100,000 Pyramid is considered one of the oldest celebrity game shows that provides the highest prize. This game show is produced by Sony Pictures Television and SMAC Entertainment.

The game show is recorded live in the studio situated in New York. Vin Rubino, Constance Schwartz, and Michael Strahan are the three executive individuals who prepared the $100,000 Pyramid game show.

The Main Game

As we mentioned earlier, this game show should be played by two individuals: one is a celebrity and the other is a contestant. Before the game starts, the host will explain the six categories included in the pyramid. Take note that the position of each category does not correspond to its level of difficulty.

To reveal the subject under each category, the players need to select their desired category. Every subject contains seven names, phrases, or words. The partner will be given half a minute to guess the answers.

One player will describe the name, phrase, or word in the category while the other one guesses it. A team that guesses the correct answer will receive one point. The player is not allowed to pass for each subject as it cannot be returned. But, if the guesser guesses the right answer without his/her partner describing the subject, he/she will get the point even if the subject is already passed.

In the first round, the celebrity will play the guesser. In the second round, the celebrity will describe the subject. And in the last round, they will decide who will play the guesser and the describer. In case the contestant is visually-impaired, the celebrity will play as describer throughout the three rounds.

After completing the three rounds, the team that receives the highest score will be declared the winner.


ABC is one of the popular streaming platforms that offer you a wide selection of TV shows to choose from. If you are a fan of reality game shows that include celebrities, you will love watching the $100,000 Pyramid with your friends and family.

Celebrity Guests from Entertainment and Sports will Compete Throughout the Season

The Pyramid is back! The Emmy Award-winning pop-culture phenomenon is re-imagined and better than ever! Hosted by Pro Football Hall of Famer and celebrated TV personality Michael Strahan, every episode will have 100 grand up for grabs.The hottest stars will team up with players from across the country to take on the timeless war of words, racing against the clock to give and guess clues in one of TV’s all-time great word-association games. “$100,000 Pyramid” is a 10-episode series and will air this summer on the ABC Television Network.

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