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1000-lb Sisters

1000-lb Sisters cancelled or renewed? Is 1000-lb Sisters TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will 1000-lb Sisters Season 1 be renewed or cancelled? 1000-lb Sisters 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 1000-lb Sisters.


1000-lb Sisters Status: Season 1 Renewed January 1st, 2020

Network: TLC

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About 1000-lb Sisters TV Show

Found on TLC is 1000-lb Sisters, the incredible show about the Slaton sisters whose enormous size made them avoid the company of others, and realize that they are on their own when it comes to the support and company they need.

When their weights are combined, the sisters weigh over 1000 pounds. They have been this heavy since they were teenagers.

The Plot Unfolds

As they grow older, the sisters begin to desire more than just the solidarity of each other, they also want the affection and company of others. Throughout the show, you can see Amy wanting children but her weight remains a massive obstacle to achieving her dreams.

Tammy seemed to weigh the most, and it's no surprise that she is practically bedridden and can hardly move due to the complications that have resulted from her excess weight. Amy and Tammy have both decided to lose weight, but of course this presents some challenges. As a result of their decision, a gradual but sure transformation can be seen in the show. You are always left to wonder whether they give up when faced with drawbacks during their weight loss journey, or will they persevere in the fight to lose weight and achieve their dream body.

Challenging Moments

The Slaton sisters felt lost when faced with some daunting tasks, clearly, this journey was more challenging than they had anticipated. During times like these, they would motivate themselves and remind each other of why they started in the first place and would become stronger and more motivated to lose the excess pounds and start over.

The transformation process was always the most challenging for Tammy, who the family said was slacking and wasn't following medical advice. On the other hand, Amy felt that Tammy's nurse was to blame since she wasn't pushing her hard enough and letting her get away with many things.

A Matter of Life or Death

The extended family of the two claim that Tammy’s careless attitude could be attributed to her boyfriend's behavior, who they felt was leading her down the wrong path. For Tammy, losing weight was not just about aesthetics but rather a severe health issue that could result in serious health complications. Perhaps this is why her family is worried about her lack of commitment.

Not only Drama

Through all of this drama, viewers will have a lot of fun and excitement to experience. It is intriguing and fascinating to see how hard these sisters are willing to push themselves to achieve their goals. You can observe how their small victories along the way become entwined in challenges and temptations, when they begin to give in to cravings and have more cheat days than necessary, it becomes worrying. Even though they are sisters, their different personalities on the same set are a sight to behold. However, the greatest satisfaction for you as a viewer comes from watching how their bodies transform throughout the course of the show, thanks to the hard work they put in.

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