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100 Humans

100 Humans cancelled or renewed? Is 100 Humans TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will 100 Humans Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? 100 Humans 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 100 Humans.


100 Humans Status: Season 2

Network: Netflix

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About 100 Humans TV Show

100 humans on Netflix is a reality TV series that has been streaming on Netflix since March 13, 2020. The theme revolves around an experimentation carried out among 100 people to view their behavior when exposed to different situations concerning education, sex, age, and happiness.

The series is graced with a good cast, including Alice Ward, Zainab Johnson, Haley Bockrath, Dylan George, Alley Kerr, and others. The show, while dealing with real life issues in a hilarious way which is quite entertaining both to the viewers and to the producers of the show, still manages to address these issues that affect adults throughout the world.

The Psychological Aspect

The experiments appearing in the show are vital in your quest to understand human behavior. You can gain insights and form meaningful conclusions about humanity with a 100-person perspective on similar issues.

The hosts of this show employ the use of humor to downplay the effect of the questions they ask, as you can imagine that talking and asking about sex in a very serious tone may sound offensive and vulgar to say the least, it also may not get the audience you may expect it to have because many people may find it difficult to watch. However, when the hosts employ the use of humor, people of different age groups can enjoy the show and, at the same time, learn the lessons that the show is trying to teach.

A Question of Bias

Some viewers have complained that the show is biased, despite having an entire show season that is termed “am I biased?” The season was supposed to compare racist views between blacks and whites, and some viewers found it somehow offensive. The black representative was dressed in a red outfit while the white guy was dressed in a cool blue outfit, which some viewers viewed as a biased way to present issues among different races.

Science or Entertainment?

Experiments carried out in the show are strictly for fun and cannot be used for any scientific conclusion since they do not employ an accurate empirical research method. For one, the people are randomly picked without any thought of whether they genuinely represent their demographic area. In addition, the producers of the show rarely perform any checks to ensure that the information they provide is accurate.

Nevertheless, the show serves its purpose of providing us with diverse information from a wide range of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Participants may not serve the purpose for which they were invited, since most are actors and actresses. Professionals are sometimes invited to compensate for this obvious issue.

The first season of the show ends with a dance competition that was fiercely debated by 10 dance producers. This was the highlight of the season as the dance sealed off the show and helped it end on a high note.

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