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100 Day Dream Home

100 Day Dream Home cancelled or renewed? Is 100 Day Dream Home TV show cancelled or renewed 2022 - 2023? Will 100 Day Dream Home Season 2 be renewed or cancelled? 100 Day Dream Home 2022 release dates? 2022 TV premiere dates? Here’s the latest cancel/renew information on 100 Day Dream Home.


100 Day Dream Home Status: Season 2 Renewed January 4th, 2021

Network: HGTV

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About 100 Day Dream Home TV Show

100 Day Dream Home on HGTV is a favorite among television series lovers. This show has enjoyed wide patronage and viewing, accounting for the constant renewal of the show's airing license. This show is probably responsible for viewers being glued to the HGTV channel.

The Plot

Based on the lives of a power couple, both of whom pursue the same career path, the show focuses on their beautiful lives. You can observe how the couple lives a balanced and desirable life through the show, they cater to their home and also have a viable career.

Brian Klein Schmidt is the husband of Mika Klein Schmidt, together they help couples achieve their dreams of owning a home in Tampa, Florida. Mika, the realtor, acts as the middleman and she represents sellers who own homes they intend to sell and connects them with potential clients.

You can always see her in different plots advising clients, visiting homes that have been put up for sale, and connecting clients with mortgage professionals to enable them to get the best deal possible. Brian, on the other hand, is a gifted properties developer, together they help design beautiful and affordable homes for their clients. The intriguing part is that they build these homes in 100 days or less, never more, hence the title of the show, 100 days.

The Twist

After successfully building homes for clients, they now decide to build their own dream home, this is where the drama unfolds as they are unable to agree on a suitable design for their forever home. Their personalities are revealed in this epic struggle, for the couple, the amount of design and the neighborhood where they settle is very important. Finally, they compromise and settle for something that suits both of them, without either party having to give up on their dreams.

A Quick Glimpse

Each episode features a challenging task they must complete within 100 days. In season 2, episode 7, a traveler from Harlem decides to quit his globetrotting ways and finally settle down with his girlfriend in the home of his dreams. Who else should he turn to than the power couple renowned for delivering top-quality homes within an incredible time frame?

Ironically, this deal was concluded over chats and a video call. This was enough for the couple to swing into action and complete the task of building a big and palatable estate, just in time for the intending couple to move in after their wedding.

Also, in season 2, episode 4, a couple who have lived together for some time with their parents and now have a baby, have finally decided to move out and live on their own and they need to accomplish this task as soon as possible. They choose to build their home next door to their parents; the plot is prepared relatively quickly and the building project begins.

Every episode comes with its own intriguing plot that you’ll be curious to know how the challenge is conquered. Watch 100 Day Dream Home and see for yourself!

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